Branding Spotlight: Business Cards

Branding Spotlight: Business Cards

To stand out from the crowd, consider these creative uses for business cards.

Custom business cards are a staple of personalized branding, and there’s so much you can do with such a small piece of paper! Some companies have strict standards around their brokers’ business cards, but the 2x3.5” template can be used for a lot of other things. Here are some ideas for creative cards:

Calling Card:

The key feature of a calling card is blank space (sometimes with lines or a grid) for hand-writing notes. It’s a great way to stand out from the slush-pile of cards when viewing homes or just leaving a note anywhere you go.

Mini Brochure:

The novelty of a mini brochure is delightful. Just look at all the miniature hobbies out there. From construction kits to model trains to figurines, lots of people pay attention to the small things. To accommodate easy reading, you can include the important text. This is also great for a fold-over style of business card.

Gift Tags:

Do your seasonal gifts or event swag bags need a tag? Sure, you could use a normal business card, but why not make a special tag for the occasion? Then, with a hole-punch and some ribbon, you can dress up any gift with your branding.


When you have a client event at a public venue, you can quickly create beautiful and official looking tickets based on a business card template.

Business cards can be so cheap to print that they make for a simple and fun marketing piece, especially when they’re not used as a “traditional” business card.

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