Branding Spotlight: First-Time Buyer System

Branding Spotlight: First-Time Buyer System

Customize a buyer package to cater to first-time home buyers

Many Millennial and Gen Z buyers are dreaming of becoming a first-time home owner, but there is so much to teach them. Between the procedural how-to and managing expectations in the current market, there are a lot of moving parts you need to manage with these inexperienced clients. On top of that, how many times have reality TV shows portrayed less-than-realistic homebuying?

I restore vintage garden gnomes part time and my husband is a freelance scuba-yoga instructor. Our budget: $1.2million.

That’s where a system can save you and your clients time and heartache. What do you add to your usual buyer package that specifically speaks to first-timers? Here are a few of our suggestions:

First-Time Buyer Brochure

If you are marketing to attract first-time buyer clients, make sure you have a brochure tailored to them. Let potential first-timers ease in with a 4-page brochure, instead of overwhelming them with a 20-page packet. This can also provide them with resources and tasks they need to address before they officially hire you and you start investing your time and gas in showing homes to them.

The Money Game

Everyone wants the en-suite jetted soaking tub and full chef’s kitchen, but most first-time buyers can’t afford it in their first home. Help your buyers prioritize their needs and wants with this visual game.

What can you buy for $XXX?

Sometimes, potential home-buyers don’t know what their budget looks like in real life. Most have never spent $100,000 in one transaction, so it can be difficult to picture their buying power. This can also be a great mailing piece to renters in a specific area. With a little math, you can turn the average rent into a comparable mortgage payment, and then populate this template with homes that fit that price point.

Rent Vs. Own

This is another great marketing piece and a helpful way to convey the urgency of buying sooner rather than later. Don’t let your potential first-time buyers get scared off by the big numbers—convince them that buying (within their budget and needs) is better than continuing to rent, no matter the sensational headlines they see.

Bonus: Resources

Do you work with a specific lender? Know someone who helps future buyers repair their credit? What’s the schedule for first-time buyer classes? Have all that information (and more!) readily available to help answer questions and keep you top-of-mind as they navigate those initial stages of preparation.

These are essential additions to any buyer system to cater to first-time home buyers. You can customize these or keep them generic, as suits your style and clientele. Templates like these help you look polished and prepared in a fraction of the time. Ready to level-up your buyer systems?

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