Branding Spotlight: Buyer Tour Package

Branding Spotlight: Buyer Tour Package

Buyer-oriented tool to help buyers compare pros and cons of properties they tour.

When you are showing your buyers a list of carefully curated houses, how do you present the facts?

Do you hand them a packet of MLS listing print-outs and a golf-pencil? (Please say no!) Or have you prepared a thoughtful and useful packet of information that will help your buyers keep track of the pros and cons of every property, and then compare them after tour? (Yes! Bonus points if you have a clipboard and branded pen or pencil to give them.)

This might sound like a lot of work to do for every buyer, but with the Buyer Tour Package template, you can drop in the information and print out a beautiful packet for every buyer tour in record time. This package includes a cover, an itinerary page for you to fill in the homes on the tour, and page for property notes, and a score-card to help your buyers fairly compare the properties.

Can you add things to the packet? Of course! For example, you can add tour map and even estimate commute times from each property. Do you need every page? Depends on your buyers—maybe your tour only has 2 homes, so you can adjust the area dedicated to each home accordingly.

Take your buyers on the best tour of possible homes with a branded and customized packet of information. Reach out for this amazing template or one of our other buyer tools, designed for modern-day agents who are ready to work smarter!

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