Branding Spotlight: The Danger of Waiting

Branding Spotlight: The Danger of Waiting

Buyer-oriented tools to customize for buyers who are timid about entering the market right now.

We’ve just gotten off the fastest, hottest sellers-market ride in history, and buyers (especially potential first-time buyers) might be a little timid about entering the market. Median sales prices have increased so much that many buyers are priced out of their ideal neighborhoods all together. So better to sit tight and wait for opportunity to come back around, right?


Buyers who have waited on the sidelines all this time are in danger of missing out.

Interest rates have recently spiked above the 3-4% we’ve gotten used to, which isn’t great news for buyers, but the higher rates are here to stay. (They’re really not unreasonable, but that’s a topic for another article.) So, what’s the rush? Every month buyers spend paying rent instead of paying a mortgage, they’re missing out on property appreciation. Worse: they don’t even know it!

That’s where you, an agent with the inside scoop, come in. One of many buyer-oriented tools in your toolbox should be “The Danger of Waiting” letter and chart. This template is customizable to your target price point and comes with an Excel file to handle all the math for you.

This is great lead-generating content for:

  • Mailing campaigns
  • First-time homebuyer classes
  • Open houses
  • Buyer consultations
  • Past-client marketing

You can get this amazing tool pre-formatted with your personal branding and preferred price point, or you can download a generic version with a Club Zebra Pro membership.

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