Does Your Real Estate Listing Package Build Rapport?

Does Your Real Estate Listing Package Build Rapport?

A listing presentation that lets you connect and not miss a beat!

Making a strong first impression can be tough and showing up to your next real estate listing presentation without much more than a business card, a notepad, and a smile won't do you any favors, especially if you are competing against other agents.

You need a real estate listing package that can help you win your next listing presentation - a failsafe system that works in almost every situation. You need a rapport-building formula and a couple real estate listing presentation checklists to help you connect with the seller, understand the property, and most importantly, help you stand-out right away. You need a process that almost no other agent is using. And if you are nervous and relying on a listing presentation script, your real estate listing package better include some props to take the pressure off of you too.

Real Estate Listing Package - Agent Tearing Up Listing Presentation Script

Throw Away That Listing Presentation Script

With the right support in hand from your listing presentation package you won't need a script and you will be able focus on the important work of rapport building, while your tools handline guiding you through what needs to be done on your first visit. How does the Rapport-Building Formula work? It’s easy! Here is what you need:

  • A clipboard and pen
  • Your phone/camera
  • Home Conditions Checklist
  • Seller Improvements Checklist
  • Listing Dollars Checklist

To put the rapport-building formula into action, put the three checklists onto your clipboard, have your phone handy, and you are ready-to-go once you get to the seller's house.

Real Estate Listing Package - Building Rapport at the Real Estate Listing Presentation

At the Listing Presentation

Most agents, upon arriving at the seller's house, will take a look around to get an overview of the condition, improvements, and more for pricing possibilities, but without much of a plan.

You, on the other hand, have a rapport-building formula. You have a framework for asking questions and getting information about the property without missing anything. This is a fantastic tool for those agents who aren’t comfortable with small talk, but who are concerned that if they don’t engage with the seller and get down to business too quickly, they won’t make a critical connection and may lose the listing.

Once you arrive at the seller's home for your presentation and have introduced yourself, indicate that you would like to tour the home with the seller to really hone in on the home's market value.

Get out your clipboard and get to work! Room-by-room, you are making notes about:

  • Condition, opportunities, and potential repairs needed
  • Any improvements the seller has done since buying and their approximate value
  • Listing dollars or those features that buyers will pay extra for.

Use your phone to take photos of these items as you go. As you go along, allow the seller to share stories about their home, answer their questions, and let the relationship develop while your clipboard keeps you on task.

Real Estate Listing Package - Touring The Home at the Real Estate Listing Presentation

Tips for Building Rapport

Ask questions and make statements that encourage detailed responses from the seller. For example:

"I noticed this large bay window that frames in the view of the garden. This is a feature that will cause an emotional reaction with some buyers. It is definitely a feature that we will highlight."

"This bathroom looks like it has recently been remodeled. Did you have this work done and do you remember what you spent?"

"These countertops are very unique. Are they from Brazil? Do you know what specimen of stone? These could represent more listing dollars."

"I am looking for more listing dollars in your home's amenities that are not immediately apparent. What can you tell me about your home's heating and cooling system?"

This is so much more effective than looking at family photos in the hallway and making comment. If you are struggling to find common ground? With the rapport-building formula you have a system for making a strong impression right away, emphasizing your points-of-difference, and laying the groundwork for a successful listing. I won a lot of listings that I can attribute to this formula and I hope you do too!

If you are looking for a real estate listing package that has everything in it that you need to win a listing presentation, check out our Listing Presentation System! You'll have all the checklists, props that demonstrate your marketing plan, hand-outs accentuate your point of difference, pricing tools, follow-up, and more - built in a striking brand that sets you apart from the competition.

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