Branding Spotlight: Animal-Inspired Logos

Branding Spotlight: Animal-Inspired Logos

Animal logos are fun and powerful, and we’ve used them frequently for our clients.

You might say we are partial to this style of logo, as our zebra qualifies for this category. Animal logos are fun and powerful, and we’ve used them frequently for our clients. From a quirky octopus to an elegant horse to a charming bird to a majestic whale tail to a familiar pet, there are so many different creatures to choose from.

In most cases, home ownership comes the freedom of having pets, especially large ones. If your target demographic is yearning for a big back yard for their dream dog, or finally having a barn for their horse, animal logos can communicate your understanding of those desires.

Sometimes agents are afraid that an unusual animal in their logo will require the tacky use of animal prints. However, we have worked with several clients who have taken the plunge with a tasteful and elegant presentation. Wild and exotic animal logos convey so many great messages without resorting to . Just check out these brands:

From watercolor and hand-drawn artistic styles to minimal silhouettes and single-line renderings, there are hundreds of ways to capture the essence of an animal for your logo, without relying on photo-realistic representation. Don’t be afraid to approach an animal-themed logo in your branding process.

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