Branding Spotlight: Lisa & Justin Fuqua

Branding Spotlight: Lisa & Justin Fuqua

Lisa and Justin wanted a design with a touch of mid-century modern, with an emphasis on modern.

One of the many tried-and-true paths to success is teaming up with a great partner. Lisa and Justin aren’t just life partners, they’re a successful real estate team who work well together by balancing their strengths. Their branding highlights their partnership in several different ways. Their logo features a split-roof house, representing two 2 people with a shared foundation. Their joint picture is another way they present a united front to their clients. The brush script unifies their names and adds a personal touch on special occasions.

They wanted a design that would be a little mid-century modern, with the emphasis on modern. To achieve that, we established a light and open layout style with an orange slice of mid-century pattern complimenting the deep blue marble texture. The classic serif and sans-serif font give the content a timeless look while being easy to read.


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