Commission Objection Formula

Commission Objection Formula

A guide to help you have answers ready when you are asked to reduce your commission.

This is not a script, it is a guide to help you make sure you have compelling points ready in case you are asked to reduce your commission.

When you have tools in your toolbox it gives you more confidence to address seller concerns. You can answer questions from a place of strength.

In fact, I created this matrix to create a strong structure for a response that you are welcome to download and use. The key for this formula to work is that you need:

  • Materials that showcase your systems
  • Materials that showcase your process
  • Materials that showcase your results
  • Materials that showcase your track record

If you don't have visual proof, it may be difficult to convince the seller that what you are saying is true.

Tools like this are invaluable at your real estate listing presentation. How many more listings could you secure each year with a higher level of confidence? One? Two? That can equate to tens of thousands of dollars! However, our Listing Presentation System can provide you with those tools, customized for you, your market, and your listing process. These tools are proven, effective, and have been getting our agents thousands more in commission dollars!

Don't wait. Your next listing opportunity could be right around the corner. You need the tools to win!

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