Branding Spotlight: Fonts - Your Brand's Voice!

Branding Spotlight: Fonts - Your Brand's Voice!

Fonts matter. They are your brands' voice. When aligned with your message and style helps create a brand that is unique and reflective of you.

You may have noticed how many of our brands have custom font selections. Why does our design team put so much work into finding beautiful and unique fonts? Because they are the “voice” of your brand. Your font selection sets the tone for your text, almost like an accent. Here’s an easy way to see the impact a font selection can make:

Which would you rather put on your flyers?

Obviously the “chiller” font isn’t the professional for anything other than a haunted house attraction at a carnival, but it is one of the default fonts available on most Windows computers. Other default fonts you may be familiar with are Times New Roman, Brush Script, Comic Sans and Papyrus. It’s no secret that most designers (including ours) don’t like using these fonts.

Why? Because they are so overused that they can’t give your brand the signature look it deserves!

A great example is Papyrus. The Papyrus font is actually well constructed, in the traditional sense. However, it is used by too many businesses trying to save money on branding by using a system font. As a result, we see it used on marketing for such a wide variety of businesses, from spas to dispensaries, home-made crafts to pseudo-health products. Such wide use significantly impacts the reputation associated with the font—a reputation you may not want associated with your brand. (Perhaps you’ve seen the Saturday Night Live skit about Papyrus. If not, you can watch it here.

Good fonts are not in short supply, and many are extremely affordable—even free! There’s just a lot of them to sift through. Our team has already spent hours combing through thousands and thousands of fonts to find some of the best. When we create a brand, we make sure the fonts align with the client’s message and style. We also coordinate licenses, so our clients can use their brand’s fonts on all their marketing, creating a unified and professional look. From start to finish, we make sure your branding is unique and reflective of you!

Fonts matter. We don’t expect you to be a font expert—that’s our job! So take advantage of our experience and font savvy when it comes to branding.

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