Branding Spotlight: Kaaleen Gassin

Branding Spotlight: Kaaleen Gassin

A brand that looks like a slice of the northwest without locking into a single location.

Kaaleen came to her Impact! Ala Carte branding with a vision: Mountains, rivers, and the sea! That’s a lot of real estate to cover on a single page (pardon the pun). The solution was to have a mountain panorama in the header and a Northwest-style inlet with rolling hills in the footer. The illustration looks like a slice of the northwest without locking Kaaleen into a single location and doesn’t compete with local photography. It all perfectly harmonizes with her long-time tagline, “Selling Homes & Land from the Mountains to the Sea.”

With the main feature of her branding set, the rest of the elements fell into place. Her blue-green palette also includes a pop of orange for added warmth. Her serif font has a slightly ornamental version, perfect for her monogram. Each template is crafted to be flexible, and we can’t wait to see where she takes her business marketing.

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