Branding Spotlight: Nathalie Boss

Branding Spotlight: Nathalie Boss

A classic and professional brand to take on a whole new level of marketing.

Nathalie Boss was referred to us by Cindy Chase, a long time branding client with a vibrant and flashy brand. Nathalie was looking for a classic and professional brand to help boost her business, and specifically nothing like Cindy’s brand. Even though they are friends and co-workers, their styles are very different. (We think that’s exactly how it should be—your brand should help you stand out.)

Working with Nathalie, we put together a sidebar design with a subtle texture to give depth to her signature blue tones. A minimal monogram logo and matching fonts keep the design easy to read and very modern, while a handwritten script font for her signature and special occasions adds a personal touch. Nathalie’s grayscale portrait emphasizes the classic and timeless energy of her whole brand. The modular layout keeps it simple but flexible so that it can accommodate every marketing need.

Nathalie is ready to take on a whole new level of marketing with her beautifully blue branding.

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