Branding Spotlight: Gabriela Aguilar

Branding Spotlight: Gabriela Aguilar

A vision of a high-contrast, elegant brand to appeal to Southern California clients.

Gabriela started her branding journey with a vision of a high-contrast, elegant brand to appeal to her Southern California clients. The black, gray, and white palette creates drama without distracting colors. We emphasized luxury with modern fonts in white on rich black backgrounds. We also added just a touch of charcoal stone texture to create interest and softness. Her logo, which intertwines four Gs, is included as a light-gray watermark on many of her full-page templates. Even her portrait is applied in a minimal yet modern fashion.

With such a strong foundation, her full-color listing photos and content can take center stage to wow clients and buyers. We love her understated yet dramatic branding, which is a great example of “less is more” in branding and design.

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