The Pricing System, Training Video

Learning the nuts and bolts of the Pricing System 2.0

The Pricing System 2.0 is more powerful and contains more tools than ever before. Follow-along with Shauna Naf, CEO of The Lones Group, as she guides you through the nuts-and-bolts of getting things done with The Pricing System 2.0. In this video we cover:

  • Using the Absorption Rate Finder tool
  • Creating graphs for multiple areas
  • Customizing the presentation of your collateral
  • Entering data from your MLS into Excel.
  • Linking Excel files into Publisher
  • Days on Market Analysis
  • Understanding "monthly supply"
  • Identifying a Buyers Market versus a Sellers Market

Have more questions? Send an email to and we'll try to give you a hand. Please note that we cannot instruct you on how to get information from your specific MLS. For that you will need to contact your MLS.

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