Blogging Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Blogging Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Looking for blog topic inspiration? We've been saving up ideas for what to blog about and will share them with you right here. So take a look and get beyond that writer's block!

Sometimes the hardest part of blogging is figuring out what to say, but the effort is worth it! Blogging means fresh content for your website, which search engines love. It means more content for search engines to index at your website, creating opportunities for you to show up in search results you previously were absent from. For your visitors, blogging is the mark of expertise. It builds familiarity and trust, and gives visitors another reason to return to your website.

At the end of this page you will find links to other great advice for real estate blogging, but here's one piece of advice you will definitely not want to forget: share links to what you've written to your social media channels. This will bring new visitors. It builds your website's reputation and may even earn you a few links to your website - all very good things to have.

Example Annual Blog Plan

Below is an example plan with ideas that can carry you through an entire year of blogging. This plan covers four weeks each month. Pick a day of each week when you'll blog. If that's a Monday and there's a fifth Monday in the month, take a break if you need to, then resume the following week.

Set a reasonable expectation for yourself. If once a month is your level of commitment when you get started, that is better than not blogging at all.

 Week 1
Market Update
Week 2
Ask the Agent
Week 3
Community News
Week 4
Themed Content
JanuarySummary of Last Month's MarketWhat are your tips for selling a home?Choose a topic from belowAll About Annual Home Appreciation
FebruaryHow does a buyer win in a multiple offer situation?All About Getting Ready to Buy in the Spring
MarchWhen should you list your home when you are also buying?All About Getting Ready to List Your Home
AprilDo open houses work?All about pricing your home for sale
MayWhat is the best process for getting the best rate when looking for a lender?All about household maintenance
JuneDoes staging really work?All About Home Marketing Essentials When Selling
JulyHow do I know when the best time to buy is?All About Home Photography
AugustCan I buy a home if I had a foreclosure or short-sale in the past?All About Interpreting Real Estate Stats
SeptemberHow does my credit rating affect the overall cost of my home?All About Mistakes Made When Buying
OctoberWhy shouldn't I sell my home on my own?All About Mistakes Made When Selling
NovemberWhat should I know abotu HOAs?All About Winter Buying Opportunities
DecemberCondos, Hot or Not?All About Selling Advantages in December

Blog Writing Ideas

Below you will find dozens of real estate blogging ideas. Don't forget, when you're not in the mood to be original, it's often easier to report-and-explain.

Home Buyers

  • How buyers can win in multiple-offer situations.
  • The best process for getting the best rate when looking for a lender
  • How buyers can know when the best time to buy is.
  • Foreclosure guidance for buyers.
  • Credit score care that should be taken when preparing to buy a home.
  • What to do if your credit sucks. How to repair credit. How to qualify for a loan.
  • What should buyers know about local HOAs?
  • Buyer mistakes to avoid
  • How do contingencies work?
  • When should a buyer waive (or never waive) contingencies?
  • How winter or the holidays create buying opportunities
  • Top 10 websites that are helpful to buyers.
  • Top 10 websites that are helpful to people relocating to your area. What kinds of local resources are there that are helpful for this kind of buyer?
  • How buyers should adjust their expectation of what their budget can buy in various local markets.
  • How buyers should receive disclosure reports
  • What kinds of special home inspection options are there and when should a buyer get one?
  • What local features, services and businesses might be of interest to your niche of clients?
  • Aging-in-place strategies.
  • Tips for moving with pets.
  • On buying to remodel homes.
  • New construction vs buy-to-remodel

Home Sellers

  • What are your tips for selling a home. How have trends changed?
  • Advice for staging dos-and-don'ts.
  • Foreclosure guidance for sellers.
  • The risks of going FSBO versus the advantages of an agent.
  • What is considered when pricing a home?
  • Price reductions. What leads to them? How can they be avoided? What are the signs that one may be needed? Why is it better to do one than wait? When should clients consider this option?
  • Home photography for making the sale
  • Seller mistakes to avoid
  • What are the best times to list in your local area? Does weather play a factor or is there some other reason?
  • Top 10 websites that are helpful to sellers.
  • How to prepare to relocate out of area.
  • On pre-inspections
  • Should sellers remodel before listing?

Market and Industry News

  • How to interpret market stats
  • Report on the previous month's summary of the most and/or expensive homes sold.
  • Report on the previous month's units sold. Include a breakdown of price points and days-on-market numbers.
  • A comparison of your market versus the national market.
  • A comparison of your niche versus your general local market.
  • Opinion pieces on pending legislation (Believe in mortgage deductions? Have an opinion on the Mortgage Fairness Act?)
  • Introduce a trend in real estate product that is emerging in your market (tiny houses, generational housing, eco-friendly systems)

Your Expertise

  • Share a facet your expertise on a special type of property you work with: equestrian, vacant land, REO, condos, waterfront, etc.
  • Technology. Do you have experience with smart homes, automation systems, the internet-of-things and more? What should buyers be aware of? What kinds of packages are out there? What should all parties to a transaction know about a camera connected home? What's around the corner for in-home tech?
  • Home photography before and afters
  • Things you do that other agents may not. Talk about why it matters and differentiate yourself.
  • Explain the value of your designations and why you sought them
  • Share your expertise on special niches of clients: divorcees, estates, baby-boomers, tiny-homes, first-time-buyers, trusts, etcetera. What kinds of questions do they have? Do you have interesting stories to tell?
  • Refinancing. Introduce a local professional. When should a buyer under loan consider refinancing? How might your local market influence this decision? What kinds of loan products are available?
  • Do you have real estate investing skills and knowledge to share? What kinds of opportunities are developing in your area? What advice do you have for remote investors - or new investors?
  • New construction: talk about current trends or new developments coming to your area. Visit your local permit office and get the latest on what's changing and who is breaking new ground locally.
  • Commercial real estate. Introduce new local business owners, discuss opportunities. How do different niches of commercial real estate differ?
  • Do you specialize in tract, acreage, livestock, vacant or farmland? What is the state of local grazing, private logging, water access and other rights?
  • Predictions. Don't be afraid of this client-popular topic. What are upcoming trends, how is the population and its needs changing? Where are loan rates going and why? Census and other websites can provide a wealth of topics and data here.

Relationship Building

  • Praise for local contractors that you work with. Let them know when you do this (great way to get back-links and build relationships).
  • Is business developing within shopping distance of your territory? Perhaps a new theater opening or business complex being installed? Create opportunities to connect with local businesses, their clients and relocating employees by blogging about business development in your area.
  • Do you support a local sports team or attend games that your children are in? What about local clubs or interest groups? Share the news and open the door for conversation with other families that share your interest.
  • Do you participate in a local business development chapter like the Chamber of Commerce, an entrepreneurial group or other business networking circle? Share your opinions or report on what's going on. If you make a regular and professional habit of it, ask your group's webmaster if they are willing to link to your blog.
  • Meet a professional. Interview a local pro: a builder, home inspector, permit officer, platting professional, architect, title agent, fellow real estate agent, yard care specialist, roofing business, loan professional and more. You could do a whole series.
  • Stay in touch with your past clients and share their stories. What do they have to say about home ownership a year after the purchase? Five years? Ten years? How has their perspective evolved and how has the neighborhood changed? Have they had challenges or remodeled? Have their needs changed? What advice would they give to a first time buyer or to someone moving into the area?

The Community

  • What are the best blogs about your city, your area, your neighborhood?
  • What is special about the parks in your area?
  • Are there dog-parks or off-leash areas? Include photography. What about condos that have pet-friendly policies? Do you have praise for a local veterinary clinic?
  • Goings on, events, calendar items. It's easy to stay up-to-date by following local event sites and newspapers - or share something you've attended in the past.
  • Local charities and opportunities for social improvement.
  • Transportation issues. Is there a bus service in your community? If you serve the elderly are there special transportation services for them? Is a large road project going to impact people in an area you market in? How would you describe commuting from different parts of town to someone looking to relocate to your area?
  • Favorite local trails, when to go, what to watch for, and community events on location.
  • Local healthy lifestyle options: restaurants, gyms, bicycle clubs and trails, gardening groups, places to hike, martial arts and other sports. Where do you recommend people gear-up for activities?
  • Local tourist attractions and places that someone thinking of relocating to your area won't want to miss.
  • Features of particular neighborhoods you work with. For example: proximity to local services, lifestyle opportunities, community parks and more.
  • School information. Are you plugged into local schools? Special special is always happening at your local schools, just contact your local school office for an event calendar or get in touch with your local PTA.
  • Local features (parks, trail systems, gym opportunities, dog walking areas).
  • Have a geographical farm? Consider attending the neighborhood meetings to form friendships and find something hyper-local to blog about.
  • Is there a change in an industry coming that will affect your community? Maybe a new jobs giant or market forces that will affect inventory or prices in your area.
  • Water rights and local government ecology actions
  • Local crime rates and how have they changed over the years. Are there neighborhoods that are known for being particularly safe?
  • Information about local/upcoming annexations
  • If there are new developers or development sites in your area, report on what their plans are.
  • What do you love about where you live? If you were a guide for a day where would you take a visitor?

Real Estate Ownership

  • Renting vs buying - what factors should a person consider? When is buying the better option?
  • Seasonal trends in home care and maintenance.
  • Educate your audience on how annual home appreciation works.
  • What does the future home possibly look like?
  • What upgrades are hot in today's market?
  • Pool care, roof care, driveway care and other features relevant to where you live.
  • Waterfront property concerns: run-off, easements, shoreline preservation, water rights and management, lakefront owner associations and more.
  • What new features solve yesterday's home owner problems?
  • Absentee owner concerns
  • How would you prepare a home for an extended absence?
  • Investment property management, renting, resale, maintenance and other tips.
  • Snowbird and seasonal living lifestyles.

Character Building

  • If there's a holiday near that you celebrate, take a moment to share something about your family's traditions.
  • Share a recipe or a favorite home decorating tip!
  • Real estate agent life. What are its challenges and what do you love about it? What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the profession?
  • Who are your business team members? What makes them the kind of people you rely on again and again? What is fun about working with them?
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