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Mailer Articles

Creative Ways to Get a Mortgage in 2023

Many buyers are unaware of just how many lending options exist! This article helps get your buyers thinking positively and headed on the road to speaking with a lender to actually explore the option of what they can afford. We also discuss interest rates and how waiting for them to come down isn't necessarily in buyers' best financial interest.

Do You Have an ARM? Don't be Caught by Surprise!

Homeowners with Adjustable Rate Mortgages are out there and preparing for rate adjustments requires advanced preparation - if the homeowner is to make a wise financial move. This article discusses how to understand ARM loans and what homeowners should do if they are in this situation. Potential homeowners will also find this educational for understanding how an ARM loan works.

How to be Listing Ready

Many home owners aren't really thinking about moving and then one day, they suddenly see an opportunity to move to a better home. This article walks potential buyers and sellers through the process of being listing ready, having their home lightly prepared for a need to move without interrupting quality of life - and introducing your prospects to the idea of listing in the future.

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