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On the 15th of each month we publish new client mailer content that you can send to your client mailing list by email or post office without attribution to The Lones Group. You can identify client mailer content by its icon, , found beside or under the title of the article.

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Please observe these rules for mailer articles:

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Mailer Articles

Does Refinancing Make Financial Sense?

Your clients may be thinking about refinancing, but does it make sense to do so? If it was free, of course! But usually there is a cost involved which needs to be taken into consideration. How many months in savings will it take to "pay off" the refinance? Do the math!

Home Maintenance Skills All Homeowners Should Have

Great information to send to your homeowner clients - especially those first-time homebuyers. Knowing how to do some basic home maintenance can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year.

Home Seller Q and A

What questions do sellers have for agents...and what questions do buyers have for sellers

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