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On the 15th of each month we publish new client mailer content that you can send to your client mailing list by email or post office without attribution to The Lones Group. You can identify client mailer content by its icon, , found beside or under the title of the article.

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Please observe these rules for mailer articles:

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Mailer Articles

Home Security, Another Way to Invest In Your Home

Homes face a number of security threats - natural, environmental, and from people. Identifying these and keeping them at bay can pay off for your clients now and when it is time to sell.

The Pros-and-Cons of Buying a New Home

Broken appliances and systems, drafty homes, and other issues may have homeowners wanting to buy new. This article includes a few FAQ to buying new!

Understanding Your Loan Options

A refresher on specs for conventional, FHA, VA, USDA loans


Infographics can be published anywhere. Available in Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, as a Facebook image, or Instagram! The Publisher and InDesign formats have Calibri light as the default font for the editable areas. In Adobe InDesign, we have embedded the image, so you should only need to download the file. If the regular InDesign files doesn't work in your version, try the InDesign IDML file instead.

If you post on Facebook or Instagram, feel free to use our description of the infographic for your post!


Would-be buyers may have forgotten about the various loan options out there, but this is a great time to remind them! This infographic actually contains FOUR infographics that you can upload to social media as a carousel.

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