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Curb Appeal - It Can Make Or Break Your Home Sale

Homes with great curb appeal generally sell for more and in a shorter period of time. This article addresses five items a seller should check in terms of setting a great first impression with a buyer.

Fixtures vs Personal Property

Does this stay with the property? Does this? Even once a fixture or personal property are defined, it can cause confusion. This article will clear up some of that gray area, but it will certainly get both buyers and sellers thinking about their next transaction!

House Hacking 101

House hacking has become top of mind with young homeowners, but all generations can receive financial benefit from renting parts of a property. There are so many options! This article is full of ideas and includes an example. The House Hacking Calculator is linked here as well so you can show your potential buyers or homeowners just how it is done!


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How Much Is Staying in Your Non-Fitting Home Costing You?

When a seller is not wanting to trade in their low-rate mortgage and have instead decided to stay in a home that is no longer fitting their needs, they may need your help to evaluate the true costs involved in staying versus moving.

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Summary: With housing affordability a challenge to many buyers, House Hacking is a way to bridge that gap. Younger generations are excited about the prospects of investing in real estate, even as a primary residence, but may need additional income sources to get started. This infographic can start the conversation. We have also linked the Denise Live session on House Hacking to this resource below as well as our House Hacking Calculator - both fantastic tools to work with hacking-savvy buyers!

Then, Now, and Later

Then, Now, and Later will allow you to compare three different moments in time for buyers to understand the approximate value and monthly payment a year ago in a certain area, now, and what might happen in a year. This is especially important as interest rates have adjusted. It is important to look ahead as well as there may be a cost to not moving forward.

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