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Mailer Articles

Buying a Vacation Home as a Business

Late spring and summer vacations are coming. Is a vacation rental in your clients' future? If so, let your clients know you are in the know when it comes to short-term rentals! This article can also spell referral opportunity for you if you play your cards right. We have also linked the Investment Cash Flow calculator below as that can be a great tool to help your clients determine the financial side of the vacation rental business.

New Homes and Energy Efficiency

New Energy Codes are striving to make new homes more efficient than ever. This article outlines a few of the features that new home buyers should be looking for and evaluating including building envelope, insulation, windows, heating and cooling system, and appliances. We've added a link to the New Washington State Energy Code article that outlines some of the changes that are impacting the building industry. Although Washington is just one state, it pays to know what is happening in your state, what builders are facing, and what buyers should be looking for.

Window Seals and Selling Your Home

A failed window seal can result in a foggy window and higher utility bills, but when selling, a failed window seal can be perceived as a sign of something much more concerning - deferred maintenance, an inefficient home, or even excess humidity. Let sellers know about the challenges with listing with a failed window seal and what options they have with this article (which is great to insert into your listing material too, by the way!). This article contains a sentence at the end that you can remove or modify depending on the home-selling programs you participate in or offer. Look for the red. We have linked the Seller Get Ready Checklist below for some other ideas that sellers may want to tackle before listing.


Infographics can be published anywhere. Available in Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, as a Facebook image, or Instagram! The Publisher and InDesign formats have Calibri light as the default font for the editable areas. In Adobe InDesign, we have embedded the image, so you should only need to download the file. If the regular InDesign files doesn't work in your version, try the InDesign IDML file instead.

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This tool is designed to help you walk your your sellers through the 6 aspects of their home-selling strategy.

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The seller has options when create their selling strategy. Of course, you have a strategy for listing as well and those two strategies should be aligned for the best working relationship, but it starts with a discussion. Begin yours with your seller today and talk about the 6 components of a successful Home-Selling Strategy. Please see the related resource below for an 8.5 x 11 sheet that goes into each of these six items in detail. You may want to include that in your listing presentation. Make sure you customize with rules and regulations for your area.

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