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Mailer Articles

What Does Months of Inventory Mean?

This article explains the months of inventory statistic and also includes a spot to include last month's month of inventory, this same month in the previous year, the 10-year high, and the 10-year low. You can include these if you would like to add these stats, or delete if you do not.

What You Need to Know About Property Tax Exemptions

This article provides structure for addressing the property tax exemptions that are available. Agents, please customize this content with information on property tax exemptions in your area. Each county and area have different rules, thresholds, and programs regarding who can receive a property tax exemption and how these work. Some counties and states have many more programs than we have listed here while others only have one or two. If you work in two different counties or areas that have different rules, you may want to either split up your list to make sure the correct information goes to the right people or include information on both areas.

What Is The Minimum I Need to do To Put My Home on the Market?

Some home sellers are reticent to do any home prep. Do they have to? Not necessarily. This article addresses different general options for preparing to list along with the top five areas to address if the sellers want to do something but not much.


Infographics can be published anywhere. Available in Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, as a Facebook image, or Instagram! The Publisher and InDesign formats have Calibri light as the default font for the editable areas. In Adobe InDesign, we have embedded the image, so you should only need to download the file. If the regular InDesign files doesn't work in your version, try the InDesign IDML file instead.

If you post on Facebook or Instagram, feel free to use our description of the infographic for your post!

Sample - Facebook - Infographic: Home Prep Punchlist

"Do I really need to fix up my home before putting it on the market?" Technically, sellers don't have to do much to put their home on the market. It all depends on their strategy!

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