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Mailer Articles

Marketing Your Outdoor Spaces in Any Weather

Although popularity of outdoor spaces has been on the uptick for several years, the global pandemic accelerated desire for an outdoor oasis. This article addresses what to do if a seller is thinking about selling when the weather is less than ideal and there are outdoor spaces to market, here are some ideas that will pay off regardless of the month on the calendar.

Pending Numbers - A Great Way to Measure Demand

Most people understand the concept of supply and demand – when supply increases, prices decline whereas when demand increases, prices go up. Real estate follows these same principles. The ratio of the number of active listings relative to the number of homes that changed hands for that same period of time is one of the best ways we can measure supply and demand in our market. This article includes a graph.

When in Doubt - Get the Roof Inspected

It is always a good idea to let a buyer know that additional, more-detailed, inspections are available when doing one's due diligence on buying a home. This article delves into roof inspections. This is good general content to include in a mailer or even in one's buyer materials.


Infographics can be published anywhere. Available in Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, as a Facebook image, or Instagram! The Publisher and InDesign formats have Calibri light as the default font for the editable areas. In Adobe InDesign, we have embedded the image, so you should only need to download the file. If the regular InDesign files doesn't work in your version, try the InDesign IDML file instead.

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Infographic - Inspection Types

Buyers may assume they are getting all the information they need from a general inspection, but they may not know that additional, more-detailed inspections are available. This infographic points to 13 different inspections to consider.

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