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Mailer Articles

Attention Buyers: Six Tips to Sweeten Your Offer

Here are six out-of-the-box items to discuss with buyers when competing in a multiple-offer market. You never know when that little something to the buyer turns out to be a big benefit to the seller. This article is set up with six boxes but you can easily format into your template whichever way you choose.

Calculating Net Proceeds

If your client is thinking about selling, they may be wondering how much money they will have when the transaction closes. This is also known as “Net Proceeds”. There are a number of expenses that are paid out of the profits on a home sale. Although each transaction and contract are different and some of these can be negotiable, this article reviews some of the common expenses that should be included in calculating net proceeds.

Marketing Matters - Even in a Seller's Market

Today's sellers may think that all a real estate agent needs to do is stick a for sale sign in the yard. But what a real estate professional does now to market a property now is as critical as a market that is favorable to buyers.


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InDesign - Sweeten Your Offer Infographic for Facebook

There are plenty of other ways to sweeten the offer with reducing or eliminating contingencies (such as inspection, financial, appraisal, etc) which should definitely be reviewed, but these are unique ways to draw attention to your offer. In this market, it pays to stand out!

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