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Evaluating Offers - Choosing the Best Offer

It seems like nothing could go wrong for a seller when houses are going under contract within days of listing and sellers have their pick amongst multiple offers. However, not t all offers are equal. This article addresses some of the guidelines to use when evaluating offers

Mortgage Lenders are Tightening their Guidelines

In this dynamic real estate market, lenders are offering historically low interest rates and are facing a deluge of applications. However, in this rapidly-escalating market they are being cautious on who they lend money to and are making sure all buyers are qualified and capable of affording their loan. This article addresses steps buyers can take to have an edge.

What Do Rising Sales Prices Mean for Property Taxes?

All across the country housing prices are surging as buyer demand increases and available inventory of homes drops. Homeowners are relishing the increased equity month over month and buyers are eager to get onto the property ladder and watch their real estate investment grow. However, rising home values may be accompanied by rising property taxes. Here are the facts!

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