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February 2021

Are Open Floorplans Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Open-concept has been all the rage for decades, but has it met its match in COVID? This article says no, but explores how functionality of spaces has changed during the pandemic, and what we may see in the future as things return to normal.

How to Shop Around for the Best Mortgage

Shopping around for a mortgage that is the best fit for current and future goals can be a challenge. There are several things to evaluate - from the interest rate, points, appraisal fee, and more. The process of shopping around can literally save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Why the Pandemic has not Decelerated the Housing Market

It has been almost a year since the housing market blipped at the beginning of the pandemic, but after a short deceleration, everything has been pointing up. Why is that and what can we expect moving forward?

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February 2021