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How To Keep Your Finances Mortgage-Ready During a National Crisis

We are in an unprecedented time with economic uncertainty. For many, this has changed their personal finances and people are needing to reevaluate their financial and real estate plans. However, throughout this uncharted territory, people do not need to give up on these goals. They just need to approach things differently. Here are some ways to keep your finances together during economic changes.

Spring Cleaning While Quarantining

Thinking of selling in the near future? Quarantine provides the unique opportunity to cross more things off of that to-do list before officially entering the MLS.

Why the Housing Market Will Remain Strong Despite Social Distancing

A lot has changed in our world in the past couple of months. We are facing a situation that no one from our generations have faced before. Life is being lived in a completely new way and naturally, people are examining the short term and long term implications of these changes. Despite the multitude of changes to our world economy, the real estate market within the United States is showing promising signs that it will weather this storm.

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