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Blog content are topic starters that give you a framework for creating a topical, timely and insightful blog post on your website.  Unlike most client content, blog content may be posted to your website and distributed for general, anonymous consumption.

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Blog - Question Answer Should I Replace My Carpet Before Selling

"Should I replace my carpet?" is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by sellers when it comes time to sell. Should they? Answer this question in this blog post sure to garner search engine attention.

Blog - Real Estate Mythbusting

Dispel some of the more-common real estate myths and add your own! This blog starter gives you content to dispel some of the more-common real estate myths and allows you space to expand into myths that are prevalent in your area. Or use the additional myths we have provided for you.

Blog - Should I Accept An Offer Contingent on the Sale of Another Property?

Timing a perfect real estate transaction can be difficult. This is the first in a series of transaction questions.

Blog - Should I Waive the Inspection?

If you have strong opinions about whether a buyer should waive the inspection, share these in a blog. There are more options available to a buyer who wants to get an offer accepted.

Blog - Solds Analysis

This highly-customizeable blog includes charts for you to include your local sold numbers. Include information for your county, local cities, or even neighborhoods for additional search engine optimization.

Blog - Structure for a Year End Review

Whether you need online content for the end of the year this easy-to-follow format plus your stats from your MLS ensure your year-end review will be easy to create.

Blog - The Power of Leverage

So many would-be investors don't understand how leverage works. They just look at the "today" dollars and cents and don't take into account what could be 5 years or more down the road. Show it with this blog post.

Blog - Trees and Inspections

This blog addresses this buyer's concern. Agents are encouraged to write the response based on the rules and regulations for their area.

Blog - What is a Home Warranty?

Home warranties provide benefits to both buyers and sellers and can be a powerful tool in the listing process.

Blog - What Is Title Insurance and Why Do I Need It

A title review can be one of the most important points of the transaction, but most buyers and sellers don't know what it is or why they need it.

Blog - What Should I Do With My Dog When Selling My Home

It is a pooch owner predicament! What to do with the dog when the house is on the market.

Blog - What You Can Get For X

Comparing apples to apples can be a very powerful tool. In this blog starter, we provide the structure for choosing one price point and showing a potential buyer what they can get for that investment in a number of areas around your work area. For example, if you have properties which are closer in an urban core versus properties that are further out in the county, oftentimes the prices go down.

Blog - What's Changing Around You can Affect Your Property Value

Agents, this blog is on how a changing neighborhood can affect home value in terms of traffic, views, shopping, zoning, and other amenities. We encourage you to change this to fit your area, but beware - this does not and should not include discussion of any of the protected classes under Equal Housing.  

Blog - Where Did The Curtains Go

Curtains? Lighting? Appliances? Hot Tub? Pool Table? What stays with a home when it sells? Share your expertise!

Blog - Year End Review

Whether you need online content for the end of the year or even have something consistent that you can update each month, this easy-to-follow format plus your stats from your MLS ensures you will never have a shortage of content.

Blog Starter - Reporting on Employment

How is your area doing when it comes to employment? Do you have one single strong employer or a variety of employers? What happens when your housing market when local job market expands or shrinks? Report on employment - it tells a great story!

Blog Starter - Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance can be a benefit to both sellers who are selling during the heat of summer and those homeowners who have just purchased. Share your advice with this blog.

Blog-Home Listing Tips for the Holidays

Although your inner Santa may be cheering for your sellers' holiday spirit, too much holiday decor can overwhelm potential buyers. Provide some guidance with this blog post. You may even want to expand on this and include it in your seller package for any sellers who list in mid-November on to the end of the year. Be sure to add additional tips for the types of decor you see in your area.

Building Permits

This blog provides an informative way to bring your buyers' attention to the fact that the market is improving and that the historic opportunities available now won't last forever.

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