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Blog content are topic starters that give you a framework for creating a topical, timely and insightful blog post on your website.  Unlike most client content, blog content may be posted to your website and distributed for general, anonymous consumption.

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Blog - Days on Market Numbers

Days on market can show the health of the market. Show the health of your market with this blog post.

Blog - Do I Need A Sign In My Yard?

The decision is ultimately theirs, but this blog includes stats from the National Association of REALTORS on the effectiveness of yard signage.

Blog - Guide to Having Your Home Listed During the Winter

This blog can be customized to a variety of winter conditions whether your winter is mild or wild!

Blog - How Should I Prepare Myself To Buy a Home?

Focusing on lending, this blog is a great primer for those considering a home purchase. You can include information from your lender or about lending requirements in your area for different types of loans.

Blog - Interest Rates and Buying Power

Changing interest rates can mean paying $10,000, $30,000, even hundreds of thousands more for a loan. Today's low interest rates are an opportunity that may not come along again for quite a while, but the time to take action is now.

Blog - Inventory Shortage in Specific Price Points

If your market is experiencing an inventory shortage, show your clients what that looks like by price point. Usually all price points in a market don't show a shortage and it is important for potential sellers to know where the sweet spots are.

Blog - Lingering Foreclosures and Your Neighborhood

Foreclosures are present in any market. Homes that may have been foreclosed on a while ago may just be entering the market. Let your clients know what is happening with lingering foreclosures in your area and what they can expect.

Blog - Lingering Odors and Listing Your Home

Smells can turn off potential buyers. Make sure your next listing is spiffy matter what odors may be lurking!

Blog - List to Sales Price Ratio

In a robust market, the list to sales price ratio can climb and even exceed 100%. What is happening in your area? Get the word out with this blog and graph.

Blog - New Home Communities in our Area

Share the different features and amenities that can be found at the different new home communities in your area and do wonders for your search engine optimization!

Blog - Online Property Marketing: Critical for Your Selling Success

90% of all buyers are looking for their next home online. Sellers need to be aware of this powerful engine critical for getting their home sold. Many agents cannot clearly articulate where their listings are being syndicated or why it is important. Be the expert when it comes to this topic!

Blog - Property Changes Over Seasons

That cute creek may turn into a treacherous torrent in spring. The mosquitoes may come out to feast. But you, the agent, can provide the calm in the middle of this if you can encourage your clients to think about their needs in the changing seasons to make sure their preferred property will truly perform as desired as the calendar changes.

Blog - Q and A Extra Vehicles

Extra vehicles such as cars (running and non), boats, RVs, jet skis, motorcycles and more are not only distractions for potential buyers, they may pose hazards. Sellers need to think about storage options before the home is listed.

Blog - Q and A Inspection Response

After an inspection, some buyers present the seller with just a handful of items they want addressed while others include many, if not all, of the items presented by the inspector. How should a seller respond? Let your readers know where you stand.

Blog - Q and A Kitchen Remodel and Return

In this blog, share with your readers how a kitchen remodel can pay off

Blog - Q and A Thinking About Moving in a Few Years - Remodeling the Bathroom

Sellers want to know what return their improvements may have on the future value of their home. Share your information on how a bathroom remodel will impact market value.

Blog - Q and A: Lighting While Listing

Do you encourage your sellers to keep the lights on? There are valid reasons for doing so. Make your case!

Blog - Q and A: What is an Easement?

Easements show up on many title reports, but do buyers really understand what they are getting themselves into when they approve the Title Report?

Blog - Question Answer Should I Replace My Carpet Before Selling

"Should I replace my carpet?" is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by sellers when it comes time to sell. Should they? Answer this question in this blog post sure to garner search engine attention.

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