Infographs are visual pieces to aid you in client presentations. You can mail them to a specific list of clients or use them in presentation. Use of articles must follow our client content distribution guidelines.

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By the Numbers - Buyers

Our popular 2011 buyer infograph of buyer statistics has been updated with fresh figures. Are there any surprises for you?

By the Numbers - Financing

Here are some great fast facts that you can use when discussing mortgages with your clients. We've seen slight upwards changes in the number of people seeking financing, with the notable exception of those aged 65+, of whom 10% fewer are seeking financing than were two years previous. See if there are any financing statistics that surprise you!

By The Numbers - For Sale By Owner

Besides seeing a year-over-year decline in FSBO transactions against agent assisted transactions, fewer mobile home sales and an increase in condo sales, our new infograph holds plenty of other great information. Looking to convert a FSBO into a client this year? Bring this handy infograph with you to the conversation!

By the Numbers - Internet Stats

The Internet continues to grow as an important source of information. Are there any surprises for you? Take these fast facts to your next listing presentation and demonstrate your expert knowledge of what people are looking for online when it comes to housing.

By the Numbers - Pricing to Sell

Illustrated infograph on the impact of pricing based on national sales data.

By the Numbers - Sellers

Lots of changes have taken place since the last time we updated this infograph. The economic recovery has meant more people relocating and retiring baby-boomers mean an increase in the number of sellers who are seeking smaller homes. Buyers are touring fewer homes before making a decision and again we see more baby-boomers in the market who do not need financing when right-sizing to their next home. You can use this infograph to generate conversation and impress your sellers with your expert market knowledge.

Home Prices

Here are a few facts based on 2011 national sales data. Are there any surprises for you? This hand-out shows how median home prices have declined, while sales have increased and inventory is shrinking. Use this to illustrate to your buyer clients that the market is changing and that now's the time to act.

Home-Selling Strategy Listing Presentation Tool

This tool is designed to help you walk your your sellers through the 6 aspects of their home-selling strategy.

How Much Is Staying in Your Non-Fitting Home Costing You?

When a seller is not wanting to trade in their low-rate mortgage and have instead decided to stay in a home that is no longer fitting their needs, they may need your help to evaluate the true costs involved in staying versus moving.

Infographic: A Look Back... A Look Ahead

The Market is Shifting, is Real Estate Still a Great Investment?

Infographic: Backyard Listing Dollars

Outdoor living spaces are in high demand. Backyard amenities can add big bucks to your home's value. Here are some of the unique features buyers are looking for. What are your favorite outdoor spaces or activities?

Infographic: Curb Appeal

One of the most important factors in selling your home for maximum dollars is its curb appeal. Giving your home’s exterior that extra WOW factor does not need to cost a lot of money! Here are some easy curb appeal boosters. Reach out for a customized marketing plan for your home!

Infographic: Get Real About Interest Rates

Are your sellers deciding to stay put because they don't like what an interest rate increase might do to their monthly mortgage payment? There is more math to consider and possible savings to be had from utility payments, maintenance, commuting, and the amount of time one house costs over another. This infographic helps would-be sellers look at the big picture.

Infographic: Home Lifestyle

You may notice that this month, our social-media friendly graphics have a series of 3 images. We broke up the main content to make it easier to read on mobile devices. On Instagram, you can use all 3 in a carousel post. On Facebook, you can post all three at once or schedule a series of posts to see which one your audience resonates with the most. There is also room on each image to add your logo or name.

Infographic: Home Prep Punchlist

"Do I really need to fix up my home before putting it on the market?" Technically, sellers don't have to do much to put their home on the market. It all depends on their strategy!

INFOGRAPHIC: House Hacking

With housing affordability a challenge to many buyers, House Hacking is a way to bridge that gap. Younger generations are excited about the prospects of investing in real estate, even as a primary residence, but may need additional income sources to get started. This infographic can start the conversation. We have also linked the Denise Live session on House Hacking to this resource below as well as our House Hacking Calculator - both fantastic tools to work with hacking-savvy buyers!

Infographic: Inspection Types

Buyers may assume they are getting all the information they need from a general inspection, but they may not know that additional, more-detailed inspections are available. This infographic points to 13 different inspections to consider.

Infographic: Interest Rates Are Rising

Also included this month you will find a simple Mortgage and Interest Rate Chart for easily calculating costs, so that you can adjust for interest rates in your area or for other times of the year.

Infographic: Median Sales Price Change

Median Sales Price changes over time can indicate the health of a market. How did yours change between 2020 and 2021?

Free text to accompany your mailer or posts:
“Below is the Median Sales Price Change for INSERT YOUR AREA HERE. Median sales prices can indicate the health of a market as in a quickly-inclining market, generally there is high demand without inventory to support it. Our area increased by xx%.
Want more details or to learn about what is happening in your neighborhood? I have that information at my fingertips! Message me.”

Social Media Post Explanation:
This month you have a variety of templates to choose from – both the Publisher and InDesign files labeled “Portrait” or “Landscape” are for 8.5 x 11 printable infographics while the ones labeled “Facebook” or “Instagram” are for you to customize before posting.

You will need to update with median sales price numbers for your area, determine the percentage change, and indicate the area you are looking at – a neighborhood, city, county, or MLS area.
When you have the template ready, from either Publisher or InDesign, select “Save As – JPG” and post on social media. You can use the text above or create your own!

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