Articles are intended as longer pieces which you can send to your clients as a paper mailer or to a specific list of email addresses. Use of articles must follow our client content distribution guidelines.

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Is Renting Right for You?

Your potential sellers may be considering renting their homes instead. Opening a dialog with them on this topic may lead to new opportunities.

Is Your Home Working for You?

Do your part to get the market moving by getting sellers to think less about market conditions and more on the day-to-day living conditions in their home to determine if a move is right at this time.

Is Your Investment Protected?

Natural disasters are in the news every day. Show your clients that you are looking out for their greatest asset by encouraging them to find out exactly what they are covered for.

Is Your Zone Known?

Commercial, industrial, and types of residential zoning are typically found in communities. But many people don't understand what these zones really mean or how a change might affect their property values. Be the expert by sharing this information with your clients. In fact, you could easily put together a robust report that includes a zoning map of your area with any proposed changes. You could do this on an annual basis as many people would find this very valuable and would hang onto this report.

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture When Buying

Help your buyers see the big picture and be more comfortable with financial ups-and-downs when buying.

Keeping Your Eyes Open Can Keep Your Property Value Up!

From just getting to know your neighbors to creating a neighborhood Facebook page, there is a lot you can do as an individual and as a community to combat property value slide. This article contains several suggestions.  

Keeping Your Sanity During the Move

Moving can be a stressful time for all involved. But some planning upfront can keep the headaches to a minimum. This is a great article to use as either part of your regular client communication or consider adding it to your buyer or seller package.

Kick-Start Your Garage Goals

Are #GarageGoals on your mind? Here are suggestions to kick-start your garage organization plan just in time for summer! If you dread going into your garage and don’t think you can find what you are looking for, it is time to revamp that garage! This article would be great accompanied by photos of solutions that you or your clients may have implemented.

Leased Property - What You Need to Know

There are a number of different types of leases that a buyer may encounter in a real estate transaction. This article provides a rough outline, but feel free to fill in additional information from your market.

Listing Success is in The Details

Successful listings come down to home presentation, price, and marketing. When it is time to list your home, marketing is a tool that you use to build value and not just rely on home specs.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Many homeowners have grown a green thumb in the time of COVID. However, what happens when things get busy and they no longer have time for weeding and maintenance? Homeowners can keep their yards looking neat and lush with a little planning.

Luxury Real Estate Needs an Expert Touch

This article is one that agents who specialize in luxury can use to showcase their knowledge and point of difference. Make sure you update the section in magenta for your listing process when it comes to how you showcase luxury features.

Make Homeownership Part of Your Retirement Plan

There is a reason that the net worth of homeowners is so much higher than renters - appreciation and equity! But have you - or your homeowners - thought about how they might strategize their retirement around homeownership? this article explores a few thoughts. We always recommend reviewing plans with an accountant or financial advisor before making a move.

Make Your First Price Reduction Your Last One

This is a letter targeted towards sellers. Today, the challenge facing most sellers is finding that ideal price point that reflects the condition and amenities of the home, the neighborhood, and current market conditions. This is why it’s so important to do a price reduction if your home is beginning to linger on the market.

Making the Most of Buying Opportunities in Today's Market

If you are in the market to buy and you need an advantage, here are opportunities that might be available to help you get into the home you want now, rather than later if the market heats back up!

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces in Winter

Outdoor spaces are coveted by buyers. Don't ignore this opportunity to make these shine, even in the winter! Some great ideas are included in this article.

Market Specialist Multiple Offer Letter Series

In areas which are seeing multiple offers, a series of letters such as the attached may make sellers out of homeowners AND get your buyers in the property of their dreams...all without putting a "For Sale" sign up! But check with your managing broker to make sure this type of marketing is allowed in your office before you take the plunge.

Marketing Matters - Even in a Seller's Market

Today's sellers may think that all a real estate agent needs to do is stick a for sale sign in the yard. But what a real estate professional does now to market a property now is as critical as a market that is favorable to buyers.

Marketing Savvy - Crucial When Selling Your Home

Sloppy listings do nothing to increase the professionalism of our industry. Let your clients know how important the details are to you with this article. Please feel free to add your own listing rants as you have available space. We could have gone on for several more paragraphs but we need to limit our longer articles to 500 words. We have tagged our listing checklist below along with a few others so you may also download, customize, and have it at the ready when someone contacts you regarding your listing system.

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