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How to Find a Home With Good Resale Value

Buyers can make a great selling decision when they make an offer on a home that will be in demand with buyers.

How to Plan for a Long-Distance Relocation

If you have recently learned about a long-distance relocation, your mind is likely swimming with thoughts of everything needed to prepare for the move. A great way to approach a big move is to think of it in three separate categories: Selling in your current location, buying in a new location, and the physical moving process itself.

How to Shop for a Mortgage

Although the process of obtaining a mortgage may seem intimidating with unyielding options, there actually may be quite a few parameters that have more flexibility than you may expect. Certainly, there are some lenders who do have only a few programs that one might quality for, but often there are more variations than the most popular programs.

How Wide Is The Buyer Pool for Your Property?

The wider the buyer pool, usually the higher the selling price. There are some things the homeowner can control and things he or she can't. Encourage your sellers to make the buyer pool as wide as possible within their control.

Ideas for Improving Your Home's Lighting

Lighting in a room is as important as paint color and furniture and it is critical for whatever function the room dictates. However, many people don’t consider changing the lighting, especially if it includes built-in such as recessed lighting or flush-mount light boxes in the center of a bedrooms. You don’t have to settle! There is a lot of ways you can improve!

Identifying and Removing Barriers for Selling Your Home

Sometimes sellers sabotage their listing - and they don't even know they have done it. Warn them of the dangers and how to avoid these behaviors!

Immigration Reform and Housing

Immigration reform is a timely topic and a contentious one at that. But if it passes, do you know what the impact on the housing market could be?

Increasing Your Net Worth Through Real Estate

Property equity can be one of the biggest drivers of wealth in this country. This article is based on a fascinating study done by NAR regarding the net worth of renters versus property owners. This article would also make a great informational piece for first time homebuyers or a renters campaign. See below for links to other renter info.

Inexpensive (and boring) Home Improvement Projects That Can Put Money in Your Pocket

Both buyers and sellers will appreciate these five easy solutions that will help maintain or even improve home value, all while paying for themselves.

Investing in Real Estate Using Other People's Money

Leveraging Other People's Money to invest in real estate - whether as a first time homebuyer or a multi-plex investor - can be very lucrative.

Investment Property 101

Cash flow, appreciation, and cap rate are all ways to measure the attractiveness of an investment property.

Investment Property Expenses – The Basics

If you are considering purchasing an income-producing property, whether for short-term or long-term rentals, although the rent (potential income) received is usually the most-attractive part of ownership (along with anticipated appreciation), expenses usually take a huge bite out of that income. And really, the potential gross income is not as important to your bottom line as the potential net income.

Is Modular for You?

Today's modular homes can mean sleek, energy-efficient, well-built construction. Modular does not just mean "low end manufactured". Dispell the myths surrounding modular homes.

Is Now the time to Sell Your Home?

Many sellers tried unsuccessfully at some point in the past three to five years to sell their home.  And many of them were frustrated by that lack of success that the market at that time allowed. Whether you listed your home unsuccessfully in the past or you are beginning to think about selling, today's market offers a much better opportunity to successfully sell your home.

Is Renting Right for You?

Your potential sellers may be considering renting their homes instead. Opening a dialog with them on this topic may lead to new opportunities.

Is Your Home Working for You?

Do your part to get the market moving by getting sellers to think less about market conditions and more on the day-to-day living conditions in their home to determine if a move is right at this time.

Is Your Investment Protected?

Natural disasters are in the news every day. Show your clients that you are looking out for their greatest asset by encouraging them to find out exactly what they are covered for.

Is Your Zone Known?

Commercial, industrial, and types of residential zoning are typically found in communities. But many people don't understand what these zones really mean or how a change might affect their property values. Be the expert by sharing this information with your clients. In fact, you could easily put together a robust report that includes a zoning map of your area with any proposed changes. You could do this on an annual basis as many people would find this very valuable and would hang onto this report.

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture When Buying

Help your buyers see the big picture and be more comfortable with financial ups-and-downs when buying.

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