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Easements - Q and A

Can your client park on an easement? Can you have an easement erased? Who maintains an easement? These questions are answered in this article!

Easements - What Homeowners Need to Know

The topic of easements can be confusing to homeowners and especially during a real estate transaction.

Evaluating Offers – Choosing the Best Offer

It seems like nothing could go wrong for a seller when houses are going under contract within days of listing and sellers have their pick amongst multiple offers. However, not t all offers are equal. This article addresses some of the guidelines to use when evaluating offers

Evaluating the Economic Health of an Area

A healthy economy usually goes hand-in-hand with strong property appreciation, so it pays to do your homework. There are five things to look at when making this evaluation and this article outlines those.

Excel Stats Tracking

Tracking MLS stats doesn't have to be intimidating! This form is set up to track median sales price, inventory, and solds. It includes graphs as well. Check out Shauna's "Learning to Graph" webinar which shows exactly how to manipulate this data.

Expertise and Experience Count

Educating buyers and sellers on why expertise and experience matters, especially when faced with commission cutting, can be tough! Take the time to educated on the things that make your business practices stand out and benefit your buyers and sellers.

Fast Market Myths and Strategies

In many areas, high demand coupled with low inventory is creating challenges as well as keeping some people out of the market (both buyers and sellers) due to the myths and fears that prevail. You can dis-spell some of these myths and get people thinking about the realities of the market. With a little planning and discussion, they may be ready to sell and compete!

Financial Benefits of Selling Now to Move Up the Property Ladder

There is an opportunity for sellers to move up the property ladder. This article contains an example that you can customize for your local market conditions.

Finding a Good Contractor

You probably are more familiar with local contractors' work than most other people. Encourage your clients to use you as a resource.

Finding the Right Buyer for a Unique Home

Even if you primarily sell in an area of tract homes, you have likely come across a home that was difficult to sell due to its unique features. However, some homeowners insist that their home's uniqueness is a benefit which can make the reality of the smaller buyer pool tough to swallow. Share the pros and cons of selling a unique home with your clients.

Five Things Your Real Estate Agent Should Be Doing For You

Not all real estate agents are created equal.  Every agent brings something different to the table. The real estate process for you should be seamless and unproblematic. Here are the top five things your real estate agent should be doing for you to accomplish this

Fixer Upper - Should You or Shouldn't You?

There is a lot to consider before purchasing a fixer upper. Provide your clients with some food for thought by asking introspective questions.

Follow Builder Advice When Merchandizing Your Home for Sale

Did you know that builders have a formula when it comes to determining the special, in-demand features a home should have to make buyers put pen to paper? For every 500 square feet a home has, there needs to be one amazing feature that most buyers to have a positive and emotional reaction to. This article outlines several options for providing those special updates.

Gay Elders Face Housing Challenges

As our population continues to age, the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) of the United States may be facing a housing crisis of its own. Housing choices relative to retirement living can be problematic for all seniors, but the GLBT community may be hit especially hard and by some estimates, between two and seven million gays and lesbians will turn 65 over the next two decades.

Get Creative Finding Extra Money for Your Next Home

Today’s buyers are feeling the pinch! Between rampant price increases, rising interest rates, and competing buyers driving up offer prices, buyers may easily be short on cash. If your buyer needs to find more money for their offer, this article includes a few options to consider. We recommend that buyers review these options with their lender, financial advisor,  possibly an accountant as there may be taxable implications.

Getting a Jump on Spring By Listing Now?

With interest rates heading upward and demand high in many markets, now may indeed be a great time to list. But what about the challenges of listing during the winter? This article provides guidance for sellers who want to take advantage of today's market, despite the challenges of winter.

Getting Creative with Homebuying When You Have to Sell

In this market, buying a home is hard, but buying a home when a buyer has a home to sell is harder. This article explores a sample timeline for a buyer with a home to sell and addresses the expectation of being able to only move once. This article also explores the option for making a more-aggressive offer prior to offer review date. We recommend that this article is altered based on your market conditions.

Good Buying Decisions Take Information and Analysis

Buyers need - and deserve - a variety of information to understand their new investment. This article outlines a variety of resources buyers may want to review when purchasing a home.

Great Winter Property Investment Opportunities

Did you know that multi-family rentals can be a great purchase if the transaction can be completed by year-end? What about land? Vacation property? There may be more opportunities than you think. Be sure to include your favorites and spread the word!

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