Articles are intended as longer pieces which you can send to your clients as a paper mailer or to a specific list of email addresses. Use of articles must follow our client content distribution guidelines.

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Do I Really Need An Inspection?

This article makes it clear that inspections are important! Even in highly-competitive markets or in new construction, inspections let the buyer beware.

Do I Really Need to Remodel My Bathroom?

When buyers move into a home, they usually do so with a list of items they would like to fix during their ownership. However, sometimes that list does not get completely addressed by the time to sell, leaving homeowners wondering if they should correct those items or not. Making changes on a small scale can lead to a greater return on investment! Let sellers know that they don't need to wait for those renovations to be complete before selling.

Do You Have an ARM? Don't be Caught by Surprise!

Homeowners with Adjustable Rate Mortgages are out there and preparing for rate adjustments requires advanced preparation - if the homeowner is to make a wise financial move. This article discusses how to understand ARM loans and what homeowners should do if they are in this situation. Potential homeowners will also find this educational for understanding how an ARM loan works.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Landlord?

This article to send to your clients outlines the pros and cons of becoming an investor - everything from finding a property to evicting a tenant.

Do You Need to Move?

Moving can be expensive. We realize that if your clients move, that results in more business for you, but we think putting out articles like this periodically builds the trust factor.

Do Your Floors Need an Upgrade?

Hardwood? Carpet? Laminate? Tile? Even within each of these there can be many options. This article provides an overview of how to think about their next flooring choice as well as a list of pros and cons for several. The pros and cons are formatted in both columns and a table to fit your template nicely!

Does Paying Off My Mortgage Make Sense?

While we always suggest conferring with a financial specialist, letting your clients know that you have investing know-how will impress even your most analytical homeowner. We have included a link below to our Future Value Calculator - a very cool tool for tracking your own investments or showing homeowners how their home investment can build over time.

Does Refinancing Make Financial Sense?

Your clients may be thinking about refinancing, but does it make sense to do so? If it was free, of course! But usually there is a cost involved which needs to be taken into consideration. How many months in savings will it take to "pay off" the refinance? Do the math!

Don't Put Off These Home Repairs

Electrical issues, roof issues, and structural problems are some problems that can easily lead to bigger problems if not dealt with right away.

Don't Take Your Real Estate Agent for Granite

Not all agents understand the difference between travertine and marble or can spot the difference between wood molding versus MDF. But agents who can do so can be very valuable to their buyers and sellers. We also discuss a "Finishes Book" in this article which is something you may want to incorporate into your business.

Don’t Just Inspect the Home – Inspect the Area!

It is important for your buyer to do their due diligence and review a property's location in terms of noise and smells, people and traffic, nightlife, seasonal changes, and what the future may bring.

Downsizing Doesn't Have to be Daunting

Tiny homes are all the rage, but many people have a difficult time beginning to go through their stuff. The problem gets worse as we get older and accumulate more. But by doing a Lifestyle Analysis, Space Analysis, Functional Analysis, and a Memorabilia Analysis to compartmentalize the job, it can become easier.

Easements - Q and A

Can your client park on an easement? Can you have an easement erased? Who maintains an easement? These questions are answered in this article!

Easements - What Homeowners Need to Know

The topic of easements can be confusing to homeowners and especially during a real estate transaction.

Emergency Preparedness

This informative piece is a reminder of another way that homeowners in your farm and sphere can care for their property by being prepared for an emergency and doubles as a check-list that they can refer to again.

Evaluating the Economic Health of an Area

A healthy economy usually goes hand-in-hand with strong property appreciation, so it pays to do your homework. There are five things to look at when making this evaluation and this article outlines those.

Excel Stats Tracking

Tracking MLS stats doesn't have to be intimidating! This form is set up to track median sales price, inventory, and solds. It includes graphs as well. Check out Shauna's "Learning to Graph" webinar which shows exactly how to manipulate this data.

Expertise and Experience Count

Educating buyers and sellers on why expertise and experience matters, especially when faced with commission cutting, can be tough! Take the time to educated on the things that make your business practices stand out and benefit your buyers and sellers.

Fast Market Myths and Strategies

In many areas, high demand coupled with low inventory is creating challenges as well as keeping some people out of the market (both buyers and sellers) due to the myths and fears that prevail. You can dis-spell some of these myths and get people thinking about the realities of the market. With a little planning and discussion, they may be ready to sell and compete!

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