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Contrarian Buying - A Profitable Way to Buy Real Estate

When it comes to buying, most people have a pack-mentality for each of these markets.  They look and see what everyone else is doing - and they follow the crowd.  If everyone else is buying, they buy.  If everyone else is waiting for the market to improve, then they wait too. What these crowd-followers miss is the fact that the best deals are often found when you become a contrarian buyer - the opposite of what everyone else is doing as they sit on the fence and wait.

Could ICF Be Right For You?

Renovate, remodel, rework, or relocate?  There are so many options to consider today that it can become a bit overwhelming. After many years of decline, we should be seeing new construction spring back to life in the next year or two.  I've been learning about alternative building techniques, and I wanted to share some ideas (many of which are earth-friendly) if you’ve been thinking about building a home.

Countertop Materials Matter

This article explains six stone countertop materials: granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, soapstone, and concrete and how they are perceived by the collective of buyers in terms of value and upkeep.

Covid-19 Alert to Buyers and Sellers

With market turmoil and widespread social-health concerns on the minds of all of your clients, it is ever more important that you be a source of factual information and a voice of reason. Use this letter as part of your outreach to both buyers, sellers, past and potential clients.

Creating a Half Year Review

Create a Half Year Review! This provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to your clients and connect! You are provided both a format for the review along with an Excel sheet with graphs which automatically populate based on the information you enter.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Warmer weather and sun that lasts well into the evening are beckoning us to come outside. It is the time of year where we focus our energy onto expanding the extension of our homes - our backyards. This article includes ideas for creating an outdoor oasis your homeowner clients can enjoy throughout the spring and summer.

Creating Curb Appeal in Four Easy Steps

It is important to create curb appeal when selling. Show your sellers four easy ways to do so with this article.

Creating Curb Appeal to Sell – Even in Winter

If sellers are listing in winter, there are plenty of ways to make their home stand out and it starts with curb appeal. This article addresses seven ways to enhance curb appeal in these challenging winter months.

Creative Ways to Get a Mortgage in 2023

Many buyers are unaware of just how many lending options exist! This article helps get your buyers thinking positively and headed on the road to speaking with a lender to actually explore the option of what they can afford. We also discuss interest rates and how waiting for them to come down isn't necessarily in buyers' best financial interest.

Curb Appeal - It Can Make Or Break Your Home Sale

Homes with great curb appeal generally sell for more and in a shorter period of time. This article addresses five items a seller should check in terms of setting a great first impression with a buyer.

Dated Kitchen? Tips for Updates That Won't Break the Bank

An updated kitchen doesn't have to cost tens of thousands of dollars! Here are some tips that homeowners or would-be sellers can consider when exploring a kitchen update.

Days on Market - An Indicator of Market Health

Days on market is a strong indicator of how much demand and supply are in the market. If there are a lot of homes for sale and not a lot of buyers, days on market is likely to be high. Likewise, if there are few homes for sale and a lot of buyers, days on market is likely to be lower. This article contains a graph illustrating a strengthening market and a graph illustrating a declining market.

Dealing with Low Appraisals

Buyers and sellers are both all-too-frequently inconvenienced by low appraisals. Be the expert positioned to help them through such a turn of events.

Denise's 2019 Real Estate Predictions for Your Clients

Every year Denise prepares her predictions for housing market, based on facts, trends, careful analysis and decades of amassed experience. Here are her predictions in a format that is shareable with your clients. We strongly encourage you to add your own insights and to apply this knowledge to your local market when communicating with your clients.

Design The Home That is Perfect for How You Live – Not Social Media

There can be a lot of pressure to have your home look a certain way. However, some of the coziest homes are those brimming with personality and are super-functional. This article encourages homeowners to follow their instinct when it comes to home design.

Different Ways to Determine List Price or Market Value

Homeowners are used to putting their address in a search engine and seeing the resulting home value. When you show up with a different one, they need to understand how you may have gotten to a different number or range. This is not only an article to send to your clients, this might also be content you add to your listing presentation.

Discount Points and Your Mortgage

Discount points are a tool that savvy buyers may use in their home purchase. But does it always make sense to get the lowest interest rate? This article explains more.

Dispelling Home Selling Myths

Sellers may think they don't need to do deferred maintenance, clean their homes everyday, or invest in curb appeal, but that can't be further from the truth!

Do I Really Need An Inspection?

This article makes it clear that inspections are important! Even in highly-competitive markets or in new construction, inspections let the buyer beware.

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