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Buying a Home? Due Diligence will Save You $$$!

From sewers and septic, water, appliances, heating and cooling systems and more, this article reviews the different systems a buyer needs to inspect before buying.

Buying a Vacation Property

As the summer winds down, you might find yourself thinking of your summer vacation and thought to yourself, “I wonder what it would take to buy a vacation property there?” Buying a second property, whether for extra income, enjoyment, or both, is a step that many decide to do in their lifetime.

Buying an Investment Property - How and Why

There are people who like the idea of purchasing a property for investment, but are not sure how to get started. This article will illustrate some of the first steps potential investors need to take before purchasing an investment property by showing that you are well-versed in the ins and outs of real estate investments.

Buying Land - 11 Things You Need to Know

There are eleven things to look for when buying land. Let your buyers know what to look for.

Buying to Renovate

The home improvement shows make renovations look like a breeze! However, there is much more that goes on behind the scenes. Prepare your would-be renovators with this reality check!

Calculating Net Proceeds

If your client is thinking about selling, they may be wondering how much money they will have when the transaction closes. This is also known as “Net Proceeds”. There are a number of expenses that are paid out of the profits on a home sale. Although each transaction and contract are different and some of these can be negotiable, this article reviews some of the common expenses that should be included in calculating net proceeds.

Calling in the Experts

Some buyers are shocked to hear the inspector recommend they hire a specialist to do further assessments of the property. This article informs the buyer about the different types of inspections, specialists, and reports that may be recommended when purchasing a property.

Combating Rising Interest Rates – Considerations for Buyers and Sellers

Mortgage interest rates are on the rise. What does this mean for buyer and seller strategy? This article contains information that was current as of 6/14/2022. The Fed raised interest rates on 6/15/2022 but the impact of this on mortgage interest rates has not yet been felt and you may want to update as things change. You can download monthly information since 1971 here:

Common Appraisal Myths Dispelled

Although appraisals are widely used to determine the true value of a property in the event of a home sale or mortgage refinance, there are many misconceptions surrounding them. This article addresses some of these.

Common Listing Mistakes Made By Home Sellers

It can be tempting in a hot sellers market to cut corners which isn't in a seller's best interest

Compromising When Buying a Home

Some common items buyers have to compromise on when buying a home: Age and condition, commute, square footage, cosmetic upgrades, architectural style.

Contrarian Buying - A Profitable Way to Buy Real Estate

When it comes to buying, most people have a pack-mentality for each of these markets.  They look and see what everyone else is doing - and they follow the crowd.  If everyone else is buying, they buy.  If everyone else is waiting for the market to improve, then they wait too. What these crowd-followers miss is the fact that the best deals are often found when you become a contrarian buyer - the opposite of what everyone else is doing as they sit on the fence and wait.

Could ICF Be Right For You?

Renovate, remodel, rework, or relocate?  There are so many options to consider today that it can become a bit overwhelming. After many years of decline, we should be seeing new construction spring back to life in the next year or two.  I've been learning about alternative building techniques, and I wanted to share some ideas (many of which are earth-friendly) if you’ve been thinking about building a home.

Countertop Materials Matter

This article explains six stone countertop materials: granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, soapstone, and concrete and how they are perceived by the collective of buyers in terms of value and upkeep.

Covid-19 Alert to Buyers and Sellers

With market turmoil and widespread social-health concerns on the minds of all of your clients, it is ever more important that you be a source of factual information and a voice of reason. Use this letter as part of your outreach to both buyers, sellers, past and potential clients.

Creating a Half Year Review

Create a Half Year Review! This provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to your clients and connect! You are provided both a format for the review along with an Excel sheet with graphs which automatically populate based on the information you enter.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Warmer weather and sun that lasts well into the evening are beckoning us to come outside. It is the time of year where we focus our energy onto expanding the extension of our homes - our backyards. This article includes ideas for creating an outdoor oasis your homeowner clients can enjoy throughout the spring and summer.

Creating Curb Appeal in Four Easy Steps

It is important to create curb appeal when selling. Show your sellers four easy ways to do so with this article.

Creating Curb Appeal to Sell – Even in Winter

If sellers are listing in winter, there are plenty of ways to make their home stand out and it starts with curb appeal. This article addresses seven ways to enhance curb appeal in these challenging winter months.

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