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All-Cash Real Estate Sales

This article looks at stats from RealtyTrac for the first quarter of 2014 regarding the market share of all-cash sales.

Analyzing the Cost Gap Between Renting and Buying

Arguments are frequently made about whether buying or renting makes more financial sense. This article looks at national figures from both, and you should add your own local twist if possible.

Appliance Lifespan - What Homebuyers Need To Know

This article includes average lifespans for many typical household appliances so your buyers can plan ahead.

Appraisals - A Critical Part of the Transaction

According to the National Association of REALTORS, in April 2016 12% of failed transactions failed due to appraisal issues, and 28% of delayed closings were delayed due to appraisal issues. It is important for buyers and sellers to know the potential issues so they are not surprised.

Are We in a Housing Bubble

People are concerned, but do they need to be? There are definitely things to be concerned about with the pandemic and this seeming frenzy of homebuying. But does it indicate a bubble that is going to pop? In short, no. We will look at the factors that are different prior to the Great Recession and now.

Are You Still Paying PMI? Do You Need To?

With property values rising across the country, in some areas more rapidly than predicted when the homeowner secured the loan. Therefore, you may have homeowners who are paying PMI when they don't need to be. Depending on how their loans are set up, it may be an easy thing to cancel, saving your homeowners hundreds of dollars. Get the word out if yours is an area seeing strong home price appreciation.

Are Your Finances Ready for Homeownership?

Buyers may not take utilities, HOA, and maintenance into account when buying a home. This article addresses some things to think about.

Attention Buyers: Six Tips to Sweeten Your Offer

Here are six out-of-the-box items to discuss with buyers when competing in a multiple-offer market. You never know when that little something to the buyer turns out to be a big benefit to the seller. This article is set up with six boxes but you can easily format into your template whichever way you choose.

Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse in a Multiple-Offer Market

Low mortgage interest rates plus low inventory has created a sellers’ market with multiple offers expected and sales prices soaring over asking price. These conditions equate to a very stressful environment for buyers. Your buyers can avoid buyer’s remorse by following the steps outlined in this article.

Basements - What To Know When Buying or Selling

Moisture and standing water can cause havoc on basements and the building envelope. Whether you have a buyer who is concerned about buying a home with a basement or working with a seller who is going to put their home on the market, educating both sides is important.

Battling Buyer Fatigue

Buyers in highly-competitive markets are getting tired of the fast pace and disappointment. How do you keep them engaged? Sometimes a slight change in strategy or taking another look at inventory can be just the ticket.

Beware of Agents Promising a High Sales Price

When it is time for a homeowner to sell their home, he or she may decide to interview several real estate agents to learn the different types of services they offer before making a hiring decision.  And although services such as photography and property marketing may be discussed, the seller often makes their decision based on where the agent recommends the property should be priced. This could be a monumental mistake.  Tell your sellers why!

Beyond the Popcorn Ceiling - A Guide for Savvy Buyers

Some markets are seeing homes sell very quickly while other properties continue to languish on the market. Are these homes diamonds in the rough, ready for a a remarkable remodel...or are they money pits, laying in wait for unsuspecting buyers? They key is to investigate the true reasons why properties don't sell, and which have rehab potential. Share with your buyers!

Buy With Your Heart...And Your Head!

When buyers find the right home, they often have an emotional response. Make sure they use their heads as well!

Buyer Psychology 101

From pricing to the law of substitution, buyers choose one home over another because they believe it will ultimately bring them more satisfaction. Allow your homeowners to tap into this knowledge!

Buyer Tips for Winning a Multiple Offer

In our fast-paced market with low inventory, it is inevitable that two buyers will see the same property, like the same property, and decide to make an offer to purchase at the same time, oftentimes within days - or hours - of a property coming on the market. This scenario is called a "multiple offer" situation. There are several things you can do or include in your offer to make it more appealing to the seller. You might be surprised to learn the best offer is not always the highest offer!

Buyers - Use the Holidays to Your Advantage

While most of the country's focus is on holiday shopping, baking, and getting together with friends and family, there are still sellers out there who want to get their home sold and closed by the new year. Therefore, this can be an advantageous time for buyers!

Buyers and Sellers Beware, Commission Cutting is Hurting Your Bottom Line

Wherever you seem to look nowadays you can hear about or see offers of low, discounted or reduced real estate commissions. It appears that there are a lot of real estate agents out there who are using the draw of the lower commission rate as their way to get your business. So if you are wondering what is wrong with that and why that could ever possibly hurt your bottom line, here is why!

Buying a Home in a Seller's Market

Despite historically low interest rates, it is a difficult time to buy a house due to low inventory. But if buyers get prepared and listen to advice, buying a home is possible.

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