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The Ins and Outs of Obtaining a Mortgage

The buying and selling process can be confusing. Buyers and sellers don't necessarily understand who all the parties are in buying a property, but you can be their resource by outlining these processes and parties. We have presented three articles in this series for your use: What is Escrow, What is Title, and The Ins and Outs of Obtaining a Mortgage. If the process for your area or state differs, please adjust to your area regulations. You MAY feel free to use this series in your buyer or seller packages or on your website.

The Principle Behind Long-Term Real Estate Investing

Real estate investors have different goals. This article explains the principle of monthly cash flow of net profits as well as how a property appreciates and creates equity.

The Property Purchase Analysis - Smart Assessment Tool for Homeowners

You may have heard of the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which is utilized to help sellers put a value to their home when they are in the market to sell. Homebuyers who are striving to be savvy investors should be provided this same kind of detailed information to study and assess before they make an offer on a home as well. They need to see the past performing history of their home and the surrounding neighborhood. An in-depth Property Purchase Analysis (PPA) provides just that.

The Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent

it also can make a great supplement to your buyer or seller package! Feel free to adjust this article to the length that you need by adding or deleting questions as necessary. You can also consider your other strengths and points of difference to point out some other questions that give you a leg up over the competition.

The Value of Home Warranties

The next time you think about selling your home, think about home warranties.  If you're unfamiliar with the concept, a home warranty is basically a service contract to complete future repairs and/or replacements on household appliances and systems.  Home warranties benefit both buyers and sellers, and I think they should be part of every real estate transaction.

Thinking About Buying a Second Property?

There are many ways to invest in real estate. This article discusses different things to consider from types of property, timing, and finances.

Thinking About Housing for Your College Student?

As droves of students head back to school, parents may wonder if they should invest in a property for their student to live in. That answer can depend on many factors. Showcase the benefits - and drawbacks - of owning property that will be occupied by their student.

Thinking of Buying a Home? Be Strategic and Reap the Rewards!

Buyers like to dream big when purchasing a home. While this can be fun up front, it can be frustrating down the road when they can't find what they want in their price range. Discuss the benefits of meeting with the buyer up front and prioritizing their list of wants and needs.

Thinking of Real Estate Investing?

Real estate appreciation has people wondering if they should start investing. This article provides a quick overview of four different investment options.

Time Spent House Hunting is Steadily Increasing

The National Association of Home Builders' current research on home sales is showing that the home buying process is taking longer than it has in years past. Patience is key!

Timing Your Sale

There are many factors at play when you have a seller who is trying to time the market. This article addresses them and can get your homeowners thinking about their ideal time for their next move.

Tips for Buying a Home in a Low Inventory Market

If your market is experiencing low inventory, this article can help get your buyers ready. You may want to use this as not only an article to send to your clients, but also as content for your buyer materials.

Tips for Buying Land

Here are a number of questions your clients should ask before investing in land.

Tips for Upsizing Your Home

Now is a great time to upsize or upgrade. Here are some tips to share with potential sellers considering selling and moving up.

Today’s Mortgage – Almost 1000 Years in the Making

Have you ever thought about how people used to buy property before there were modern banks, mortgage brokers, and underwriting? Mortgages have been documented in history as early as 1190 in England common law documents. In these early mortgages, the lender still held title to the property and, in the event of a default, could sell the property in order to recover the damages. Fast forward to the 1900s...

Turnkey or Fixer Upper - Financial Considerations

There are benefits to buying turnkey...and benefits to buying a fixer. Which one is right for your buyers?

Understanding Leverage in Real Estate

Many people don't realize that when they put a down payment on a house, they are leveraging that money to yield a return on the whole value of the home. After even just a few years, the returns can be generous! This is why homeowners in general have a much higher net value than renters.

Understanding the 1031 Exchange

Many people have the idea that 1031 exchanges are complicated; that there are exact, detailed rules that must be met. While the rules are different from what taxpayers are accustomed to seeing in other areas of the law, there really is a simple logic to them.

Using Your Equity to Buy an Investment Property

Buying a second home, whether it provides an income stream or not, can be a savvy way to build wealth. Some homeowners are tapping into their equity to do just that. The Future Value Calculator is also attached to this article so you can run scenarios with your clients.

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