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Preparing to Sell In a Fast Market

Just because a market is fast doesn't mean a seller doesn't need to prepare! Get the ball rolling with important information on the steps a seller can be taking now to discuss strategy with you for a future move.

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Sellers can reap big benefits when they spend a little elbow grease fixing up their homes for sale. Here are a few things sellers can do to get prepared now.

Preparing Your Bathroom When Selling

It is easy to think of ways to make your living room or kitchen show their best when selling, but have you given much thought about your bathroom? Here are some general recommendations for making your bathroom sparkle:

Preparing Your Home for Fall

Fall maintenance isn't just to make a home more comfortable - it can yield a higher selling price! This article outlines a few key items that homeowners should consider as the calendar turns to September including checking the roof, gutters, and furnace.

Professional Photography - One of the Best Marketing Tools for Your Home

This article, including customize-able stats from the National Association of REALTORS, allows you to highlight one of the strongest tools in your listing toolbox. Include samples of your photos if you are able. If you use drone photography or 3D, include information on that as well.

Proper Market Pricing

Although popular real estate websites would have you believe otherwise, pricing a home correctly is an art combined with science (math, specifically).

Put Radon on Your Radar

Carbon monoxide has garnered a lot of attention as of late, but radon is a very dangerous element that can be found in homes as well. Share this information with your clients.

Qualifying Ratios for Mortgage Pre-Approval

Outside of their employment, income, and financial information, most mortgage applicants aren’t sure what is being considered on their mortgage application. These qualifying ratios will help you to understand some of the deciding factors in the mortgage pre-approval process.

Real Estate Agents and Risk Management

Articulate your value regarding how much time you invest in the transaction with this article

Real Estate Contingencies - What To Consider

One way to compare offers is to look at the different contingencies listed, or terms within the contract, and determine which carry added risk to the seller.

Real Estate Hasn't Lost Its Luster As An Investment

There is no denying that the real estate industry was hit hard by the recent recession.  Even now in the earliest stages of recovery, signs are arriving that real estate hasn't lost its luster as the number one investment of our lifetimes.

Real Estate Requires Local Expertise Not National Hype

Whether a client is considering buying or selling, make the case for hiring a local expert - You!

Remodeling the Kitchen with Resale in Mind

Kitchen remodels can provide a big return on investment for your sellers. But there are smart ways to do it! Share your knowledge with this article.

Renovating a Historic Home with Preservation in Mind

There are several considerations when buying a historic home with the goal of restoring it. But it can be richly rewarding! By doing research, setting a big contingency budget, getting creative with funding, and curating the finished product, a renovated historic home can pay off spiritually and financially!

Seller Financing - Opportunities for Buyers and When Selling

Seller financing can be advantageous for both the buyer and seller. Many, however, are not familiar with the practice. Share how buyers and sellers are utilizing this financial workaround.

Seller Get Ready Checklist

So many sellers regret not having spent the detail on their home while they were still living in it. This is the perfect opportunity for them to address some of those projects that slide from season to season and it will certainly help when it is time to sell. You can make this list as short or as long as you like on your mailer and/or you may also provide part of it and supply the rest once you get contact information.

Sellers - Should Open Houses Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan

As some agents are moving away from open houses and focusing all their attention on the power of the online listing, sellers may be confused when it comes to the role open houses play in getting their home sold. If you believe in the power of getting potential buyers in the door, this may be an article for you to send to your clients.

Sellers - Should You Get a Pre-Inspection?

In a fast market, buyers are waiving inspections with trepidation. A pre-inspection can provide peace of mind.

Selling This Summer? Make Sure These Items Are On Your "To Do" List

If you have sellers who are listing during the summer, prepare them with this checklist of things around the property that should be on their "to do" list. You can even include this in your seller package. Note: each area of the country has different weather and property needs, so be sure to update this article with the items that are relevant to your area.

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