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Staging Your Home to Sell? Don’t Forget the Plants!

Interior designers and stagers know the importance of plants when creating an indoor Zen-like experience. Plants don’t just soften the edges of geometric furniture; houseplants give a space a well-lived in look and can actually help sell your home.  

Strategy Around Capital Gains Tax

Help your clients learn about capital gains tax and what they can do to plan for this.

Summer Sale? Get Ready!

Summer is the most popular time of year to sell a home in most areas of the country. There are some things sellers should pay particular attention to for showing their home to prospective buyers.

Tax Write-Offs for Homeowners

Uncle Sam has a lot of tax benefits built into the tax code to encourage home ownership. Are you taking advantage of them all? This is also a good reminder for your clients.

The 1,000 Divide

This article illustrates how emotion can get the best of buyers and sellers during a negotiation, and how an agent may use logical and facts to address the situation.

The 3.8 Percent Tax and What It Means For You

This article outlines the ins and outs of the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax and how it pertains to home sales and rental income.

The Art of Choosing a Property

The old saying was "location location location." And while that is still true, one also has to take into account future wants and needs, historic price appreciation, nearby zoning, and more! Get your buyers thinking beyond the threshold.

The Benefits of Owning vs Renting

Equity and appreciation are a homeowner's greatest assets when it comes to growing net worth. Rising rents with no gain in equity makes it difficult for a renter to compete. This article with example and tables clearly shows how homeownership is a critical part of growing one's net worth.

The Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Fall

There are plenty of opportunities to sell all year round, but the fall can be more lucrative than most think!

The Cost of PMI on Your Mortgage

This article addresses several questions about PMI, private mortgage insurance.

The Different Types of Real Estate Brokerages

With so many different types of real estate services being offered, it's easy to be confused.  How do you decide who to call when it's time to buy or sell?  It depends on what type of service suits your personality.  Let's look at the three types of real estate brokerages!

The Heart of the Home and the Heart of the Home Sale

Kitchens can be the most occupied public room in the house. Reiterate to your sellers how important it is to have this room in tip-top shape.

The Holidays are a GREAT time to buy or sell

Fewer sellers and fewer buyers can indeed spell opportunity during the Holidays. The mindset to get a sale done via the holidays can make buyers and sellers highly motivated, despite the decrease in inventory and buyers. This is a great time to get a deal done!

The Importance of Getting Loan Pre-Approval

Getting loan pre-approval is critical. There are a number of benefits in doing so and of course, it is important to not waste your precious time!

The Ins and Outs of Obtaining a Mortgage

The buying and selling process can be confusing. Buyers and sellers don't necessarily understand who all the parties are in buying a property, but you can be their resource by outlining these processes and parties. We have presented three articles in this series for your use: What is Escrow, What is Title, and The Ins and Outs of Obtaining a Mortgage. If the process for your area or state differs, please adjust to your area regulations. You MAY feel free to use this series in your buyer or seller packages or on your website.

The Principle Behind Long-Term Real Estate Investing

Real estate investors have different goals. This article explains the principle of monthly cash flow of net profits as well as how a property appreciates and creates equity.

The Property Purchase Analysis - Smart Assessment Tool for Homeowners

You may have heard of the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which is utilized to help sellers put a value to their home when they are in the market to sell. Homebuyers who are striving to be savvy investors should be provided this same kind of detailed information to study and assess before they make an offer on a home as well. They need to see the past performing history of their home and the surrounding neighborhood. An in-depth Property Purchase Analysis (PPA) provides just that.

The Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent

it also can make a great supplement to your buyer or seller package! Feel free to adjust this article to the length that you need by adding or deleting questions as necessary. You can also consider your other strengths and points of difference to point out some other questions that give you a leg up over the competition.

The Value of Home Warranties

The next time you think about selling your home, think about home warranties.  If you're unfamiliar with the concept, a home warranty is basically a service contract to complete future repairs and/or replacements on household appliances and systems.  Home warranties benefit both buyers and sellers, and I think they should be part of every real estate transaction.

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