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Recordings of our monthly Club Zebra PRO telecoaching calls with real estate expert Denise Lones. See the Event Calendar for future call dates.

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Club Call - October 2017 - Your Lead Generation Faucet

A burst of connection activity now can be a boon to the start of your year. We will discuss the power of connections, tracking, goal-setting, and the power of focused activity.

Club Call - August 2017 - Working with FSBOs

If your lead generation efforts need a little boost, For Sale By Owners are a hot commodity right now. We will be discussing evaluating FSBOs for potential success, developing a campaign around their pain points, and how to approach these potential clients.

Club Call - July 2017 - What You Need to Get the Listing

Staging? Drone photography? 3D tours? Handymen services? What does it truly take to compete and should you even go down the rabbit hole of providing these services which can be expensive? Denise has got some great suggestions for you!

Club Call - June 2017 - Rules and Boundaries for a Successful Summer

Summer is upon us and brokers near and far are ready for some well-deserved time off. But how do you make sure your time off doesn't turn into work time? We are going to discuss strategies for having a truly memorable and recharged vacation.

Club Call - May 2017 - Talking to Clients About Inventory Shortages

The inventory challenges that many areas of the country are facing are not going to go away anytime soon, but now is not the time bury your head in the sand! The bottom line is anyone can buy in this market and you have would-be sellers in your database and in your pipeline who aren't making a move due to their perception of what is happening in the market as opposed to what their situation might actually be. Step one is communication and opening the doors to a conversation. What is the right message and how do you overcome their fears and concerns?

Club Call - April 2017 - Adding Impact to Your Geographical Farm

Are you sending mail to your geographical farm, but feel like you need to add a little more oomph to get the results you want? Join Denise as she shares six ways you can make a strong impact within your farm area.

Club Call - March 2017 - Buyer Horror Stories

From sellers not disclosing issues with the home to buyers buying the wrong property, even issues with dogs being too large for the condo building, working with buyers sometimes yields bad surprises. Denise will be sharing her buyer horror stories and how she helped find solutions.

Club Call - February 2017 - Competing for Listings

When listings are king, how do you show up, showcase your expertise, state your truth about commission and price, and walk away with the listing? In any market, but especially those with little inventory, having a strong listing strategy means better control of your time and possibly your income. Don't get left behind! Show up strong and be ready to show some simple math to illustrate why you are the best choice.

Club Call - December 2016 - Predictions for 2017

What a year we've had and what a year we have ahead of us. Once again Denise Lones offers her research, facts and insights on the topic of what will happen in 2017. How will home prices and inventory change? What will the hot topics in real estate be? What should we as an industry keep an eye out for with a new presidential administration inbound? How are buying habits changing? Prepare your business for the new year, arm yourself with expert knowledge.

Club Call - November 2016 - Dealing with Disaster Listings

What do you do if an upcoming listing is a disaster? From working with hoarders to homes that are downright dangerous to enter, Denise will cover the steps you can take to not only get creative, but how to talk with your sellers about the challenges and identify possible solutions.

Club Call - October 2016 - I Won an Award! Now What?

We are coming up on the season of awards - production awards, client care awards and more! Many agents don't know how to share their triumph without making it sound like it's all about them. But we have some secrets that will allow you to shine without the spotlight being on you!

Club Call - September 2016 - Gain More Minutes In Your Day

If there's a most precious commodity as a real estate agent, it's your time. This month we're looking at strategies for making the most of your time. Believe it or not, you won't lose a wink of sleep as you add those minutes. Increasing your efficiency is the name of the game! In this call we talked about scheduling efficiency, delegation, home organization tips that save time, financial and paperwork time savers and much more.

Club Call - August 2016 - Making the Most of Your Real Estate Designations

Break out your #2 pencils! We are going to be discussing interesting ways agents are using their designations and certifications to provide you with some inspiration.

Club Call - July 2016 - Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technologies - It's here, from apps that adjust the temperature automatically, shades that lower at the touch of a button and to security systems you can monitor from across the room or the globe. We will be addressing today's latest and greatest smart home items. Buyers will be looking for these innovations and you need to know how to market these for sellers.

Club Call - May 2016 - Compelling Clients by Mail

With home inventory in short supply, finding sellers is the name of the game. We will also address buyers and getting people to take action. Mail is still a great medium to have your message heard!

Club Call - April 2016 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Denise invites you to, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot!" You provide the problems... and Denise will provide solutions, offering dialogue and strategies for any client problems you are facing in your business, no matter how challenging. Go ahead and hit Denise with your best shot!

Club Call - March 2016 - Open House Dynamics

In this call we are going to cover handling very busy open houses, giving energy to slower open houses, the greeting and closing, and the few things you need to have at your open house to really make an impression.

Club Call - February 2016 - Working With Buyers in a Tight Market

From preparation to crafting an offer, a tight market with low inventory, multiple offers, and rising prices offers a special set of challenges to buyers. The pace is too quick for some and there are many opportunities for buyers to melt down. How as an agent do you handle it all? Join us for a discussion about how to handle conflict and prepare buyers for the current market conditions in their desired area and price point.

Club Call - January 2016 - Forecasting Your Year

By now you've looked over and listened to Denise's predictions for the coming year. In this call we will be covering: how to communicate predictions to your clients so that you can be their real estate expert.

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