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Recordings of our monthly Club Zebra PRO telecoaching calls with real estate expert Denise Lones. See the Event Calendar for future call dates.

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Denise Live! Creating Snazzy Market Graphs with Ease in Excel

As the real estate expert, you will often be called upon you to explain what’s going on in the market. Make your next graph a snazzy one that holds their attention with your own fonts, color, and unique style! Shauna shows you how to use MLS data to easily make four+ commonly needed graphs in Microsoft Excel.

Denise Live! Modern Website Features for Saving Time and Staying Competitive

Automation, rich content, ease-of-use, and inter-connected services are elevating real estate websites to a whole new level. Whether you are still rocking a website from the last decade or just curious about how your online competition is getting it done, our very own website expert with three-decades of experience, Randy Bowers, is here to guide you through ideas for upping your online game.

Denise Live! Successfully Starting a Geographical Farm

There is a critical foundation of work to do before you invest time and money into farming. CEO Shauna Naf and MLS expert Jamie Holmes show you how to find strong areas in your MLS, budget for how many people to target, and how both your MLS and public records can reveal gems in your chosen area.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep102

In this episode of Market Survival Guide: generational transfer of wealth, tax strategies for inherited wealth, trusts and what real estate agents should know, national housing market index and predictions, new home construction, median sales price and expectations, median days on market, the ADU/DADU craze is coming, labor review, how the job market is affecting the real estate market, and opportunities for real estate agents in today's market.

Denise Live! Disorganization is Hurting Your Business

Have you lost a buyer referral due to poor scheduling habits? Ever misplaced a critical listing presentation prop among your piles? Did you miss-out on reimbursements or tax-breaks due to missing records? Is there a mess getting in the way of doing your monthly marketing? Disorganization can kill your business with a thousand cuts and Denise is here with both organizing strategies and options for agents who don’t have the time.

Denise Live! Lots and Land

In response to balancing housing shortages with density, environmental, and other concerns, many states are considering options that change what can be built on previously SFR-exclusive lots. For agents who want to get into the land-niche, this may be your opportunity to get in on the ground floor!

Denise Live! House-Hacking

Buyers today have to get creative in order to cover their housing expenses. Join us for house hacking ideas and get the calculator that will help you talk with your buyers about opportunities to make money with their property.

Denise Live! Moehrl v NAR et al: The Real Estate Lawsuit You Need to Understand

Moehrl v NAR et al, is back and soon impact conversations at your initial buyer and seller meetings. Learn how this might change compensation in our industry and how it may affect both clients and you as we go beyond the history and dig into what is at the heart of this important trial.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep101

This April in Market Survival Guide: Moehrl v NAR et al, Millennial and Generation Z investing trends, affordable housing programs, regional market update, increasing prices return, offer review dates, new construction permitting history and current needs, year-over-year permitting growth nationwide, energy code woes and their effect on expanding available housing, real estate market resilience to economic turmoil, inflation reaches lowest point in two years and what is to come, employment, opportunities in real estate, and answers to your questions!

Denise Live! Finding the Market Sweet Spot

Whether you are trying to price a home, develop a solid buyer strategy, or you are looking for lead generation opportunities for yourself, the best tool at your disposal is the MLS. Today we are going to show you six clues to use to find your market sweet spot.

Denise Live! Don’t Miss These Deductions

Tax season is in full-swing - are you taking all your deductions this year? This week we are discussing six deductions that agents often undervalue, but that can make a big difference to your bottom line. Whether you are filing on your own or working with a tax professional, understanding deductions is something every agent should know.

Denise Live! The Foolproof Open House Conversion Tool

Open houses pose an incredible moment for agents to operate where they are at their best - hosting a home and meeting people in person. Denise introduces the Homebuying Secrets class, a conversion opportunity you can advertise at your next open house.

Denise Live! Mailing Mistakes Sure to Burn Your Money

Sending high-quality content to potential clients on a consistent schedule is an essential strategy for growing your real estate business – but doing it the wrong way can be a costly waste of time and cash. Learn the answers to questions like these that separate success from mailer failure!

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep100

This week in Market Survival Guide: bank failures impact on real estate, climate risk impact on home owner insurance, national pending home sales are up, online notarization is on the way, regional real estate market news, future housing needs, new construction and lackluster 2023 SFR starts, permitting growth and decline nationwide, builder confidence, economics and tech layoffs, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Special Guest Dan Dunne

Meet Dan Dunne, Executive Committee President of Builder Industry Association, Whatcom County. Join us as Dan and Denise discuss housing trends, challenges, advocacy, and the industry response to the needs of the market.

Denise Live! The Backyard Oasis for Resale

This episode, Denise is discussing opportunities for easy backyard makeovers that do wonders for building listing value,  covering layout, easy landscaping, highlights, and other elements for an quick backyard makeover!

Denise Live! Working with Clients in a Changing Market

Setting expectations for a successful transaction can be a challenge. There is a tendency among both buyers and sellers to fixate on the market that was yesterday. Denise shares strategies for helping your clients let go of the past and to accept the needs of today’s market without regret, clearing the way for a better business relationship.

Denise Live! Pricing in a Faux Market

Many agents are currently operating in a faux market. Curious what that means? Learn how to recognize a faux market, how to both confidently price and protect your clients from bad pricing, and how to communicate pricing strategies when the market isn’t what it seems to be.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep99

This week in Market Survival Guide: single home buyers and female home buyers set a record, the national discussion on compensation and commission, the iBuyer advertising boom, cash offers, the downstream economic impact of inventory shortages on other industries, regional housing market update report, spring housing market expectations, building materials, the national economic outlook, and answers to your questions.

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