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Recordings of our monthly Club Zebra PRO telecoaching calls with real estate expert Denise Lones. See the Event Calendar for future call dates.

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Denise Live! Title, Closing, and Earnest Money with Guest Bill Ronhaar

Whatcom Land Title President and Chief Underwriting Officer Bill Ronhaar is the title expert you must hear from, with nearly five decades of title industry experience, including three terms as Washington Land Title Association President and service at all industry levels. We’ll be discussing the most common reasons closings are delayed, how covid and other factors have changed title and escrow these past two years, earnest money, and estate property sales. Do not miss it!

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep71

This week in Market Survival Guide: worker shortages causing migration,  issues impacting new construction material supply chains, combating market fear and fear-bait headlines, managing seller expectations, ongoing effects of Covid-19 on consumer confidence, how to demonstrate the truth of housing supply and demand in your region, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Visualizing Your Home Marketing Process

Seasoned and fresh agents alike are either completely missing or only have part of a critical piece of the presentation that your sellers crave – visuals. There’s more to it than you think! Learn what to include, how to use them, and why more-show-and-less-tell at the listing presentation is good for you, your clients, and the whole transaction.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep70

This week in Market Survival Guide: are markets really shifting and how to tell, understanding Redfin's national market report, household equity vs liability, new home sales vs month supply, year-over-year mortgage activity change and what it means for processing times and money lending, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Pricing in an Emotional Market

Our housing market promises to continue apace with limited inventory for some time, magnifying the ups-and-downs that your potential buyers will feel, but for the home seller, many are just feeling up-up-up! You need to bring them back to a competitive, realistic price and a CMA is absolutely not going to do it.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep69

This week in Market Survival Guide: states moving to mandatory indoor mask mandates, California moves to abolish SFR zoning, is the housing market actually cooling down, learning to read housing market momentum, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Keeping Transactions Together with Badly Behaving Clients

The emotional roller-coaster of a home transaction can bring out the worst in some people. Clients can be demanding, divas, dysfunctional and more. Learn how to identify potential red-flags, how to address them early, how to navigate back to success when it falls apart, and when it is time to cut your losses.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep68

This week in Market Survival Guide: fallout from eviction ban ending, real estate syndication investment fraud, national residential lot price trends, national housing starts and single family residential starts, building permits, home price and inventory projections, year over year end-of-summer market review, economic update by region, housing market pressures, listings vs pending case in Washington State case study, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Keeping Transactions Together with Badly Behaving Agents

It is a fact of business that not all professionals are professional all the time. When you are in the middle of a transaction and the agent on the other side is causing trouble, there is money on the line. You need a plan for what to do. Learn from Denise as she shares stories and strategies for dealing with all manner of bad agent behavior!

Denise Live! Easy Graphs for Illustrating Your Market Story

Want to learn how to easily create a graph using your custom-run MLS stats? It is easier than you think! Sometimes a graph is just what you need to make your point. Join Shauna as she shows you what to look for in your MLS, how to take that raw data and make a graph, different graph types, and how to easily format to really bring the information to life.

Denise Live! Price Reduction Conversations

Price reduction conversations can be a business minefield, but we are here to help you tread with grace and expertise. Learn how to navigate price reductions and turn pricing conflict into pricing partnership with skills like: setting expectations, now-market-pricing, and being able to clearly explain the pros-and-cons of a stay-or-reduce situation to even the most stubborn of clients.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep67

This week in Market Survival Guide: Port of Ningo terminal closure, new home construction materials pricing, consumer mental health and well being, venture capital in the real estate industry, and answers to your questions.

Denise live! Breaking Bad Habits

Bad habits can suck hours out of your life each and every week and could be costing you thousands each year in commission! Now is the time to get refocused and rev up your business, but unless you make a plan to squelch those bad habits, will you be able to see those plans through? Let's get real about bad habits holding your business back and empower you to take back control!

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep66

This week in Market Survival Guide: consumer concerns and sentiment, the mid-August market character, examining news of shifts in the housing market, Canadian impact on U.S. housing market and the effect of foreign buyers, entering the post-lumber issue market, inventory pricing and demand changes, market predictions, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Gray, Painting for Resale Dollars

There is a gray area when it comes to the color gray - some are green, some blue, and some have undertones that you would never expect. When it comes to resale dollars, gray can absolutely make or ruin a room. Learn how paint can be the most effective makeover when preparing a home for sale and how to make the right choices when picking a color.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep65

This week in Market Survival Guide: The global market and its effect on our economy and our housing market, federal eviction moratorium expiration watch, global economy growth predictions, Canadian immigration surge and national inventory effects, Australia and Asian housing markets, the foreign buyer effect, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Showcasing Your Track Record of Success

Guest presenter and The Lones Group CEO Shauna Naf guides you through what stats to track, why your client should care, how to make your facts relatable, and tips for visually expressing your point-of-difference over the competition at your listing presentation.

Denise Live! Get Rich With Your Real Estate Niche

In every profession, those who specialize stand to make more dollars than those who generalize – and real estate is no different. Learn how identify a niche that will prosper with you, what it takes to get started, how to claim it, and how you can deliver a personal message that will help you win over your generalist competition.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep64

This week in Market Survival Guide: hot housing areas in the U.S. market, water shortages impact on real estate, forest fires, foreclosure filings news and analysis, mortgage delinquencies are up but lenders want to keep people in their homes, big picture housing market predictions, market influences and education, review and analysis of Washington real estate markets, vacation rental spots prime for business, and the Canadians are coming.

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