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Recordings of our monthly Club Zebra PRO telecoaching calls with real estate expert Denise Lones. See the Event Calendar for future call dates.

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Denise Live! Your Money Plan

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to get a head start on decisions that can dramatically improve your long-term plans and set the stage toward financial health this year and beyond. Join us as we review smart money management strategies and outline steps for improvement that you can start taking right now.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep97

This week in Market Survival Guide: forecasting the true market, homelessness issues, interest rates continue to descend, median sale prices are under pressure but will it last, regional days on market, new construction, second home product, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Your Connection Plan

Client outreach is life to your real estate business – whether you are marketing for future clients or maintaining relationships with past clients.

Denise Live! Your Mindset Plan

Spend any time in the real estate profession and you will know - it takes some mental muscle. Protecting your energy and motivation is critical to avoiding burn-out and keeping your business steady. Denise shares strategies for a building a healthy mindset that can sustain you through change in your business all year.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep96

This week in Market Survival Guide: Clean energy impact on Texas housing, ongoing effects of inflation and supply chain issues, the "faux market," the builder backlog, addressing consumer concern,  key market indicators for 2023, price volatility in new housing materials, 2023 housing demand, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Predictions and Opportunities for 2023

What does the new year hold? Denise constantly analyzes the market at many levels and every year she makes careful predictions for what comes next. Get a glimpse of the next year’s housing market and an exclusive preview of market trends from Denise’s upcoming State of the Market keynote at the 2023 Real Estate Success Summit.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep95

This week in Market Survival Guide it is our end-of-the-year Denise Unleashed episode featuring your questions about the market, our real estate profession, housing predictions for the next year, and business advice.

Denise Live! Celebrating Your Wins

As you reflect on the past year we want you to focus on your successes. Recognizing your wins is essential to your business health. In this episode, learn to recognize and leverage your wins towards a better business and better self.

Denise Live! What Worked and Didn't Work This Year In Your Business

A look back at 2022 might give you whiplash. Our year started with a housing market bursting out of Covid, to a housing market in the tight grip of limited inventory, and then there came the high interest rates. Your business might have been a whirlwind too! Today we'll be helping you take stock of what worked and didn’t work so you can come out stronger and more-resilient in 2023.

Denise Live! Your Database's Rate of Return

Your client database is your gold mine! Discover the true power client database, how to calculate your rate of return, and how big your database needs to be to generate enough income each year.

Denise Live! More Than a Logo

A real estate logo can be a great place to start, but on its own you are missing out on the many benefits of a complete real estate brand identity. In this episode we take a look at creative ways that agents are successfully putting logos and brands to use in their real estate business.

Denise Live! Special Guest Brian Thompson

With a decade+ in home construction, new construction specialist and superintendent Brian Thompson joins us to share his industry's perspective on being a builder in today's housing market, how material costs and availability are affecting the industry, and what agents should know when working with new construction.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep94

This week on Market Survival Guide: have buyers stopped buying, mortgage rates rising and falling, recession fears and historical recession impacts on housing, the rental crunch, national foreclosure analysis, single family and multi-family new construction housing permitting, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! The Secret to Incredible Portraits

Are your social profiles and marketing materials still sporting an old photo with last-decade’s haircut still? If your clients are in danger of not recognizing you the first time you meet, then it is definitely time to get an update! Learn to do it right and get an incredible portrait with tips from finding a great portrait photographer, to poses, to what to wear and much more.

Denise Live! Top 5 Visual Marketing Tools

Meet the five must-have visual marketing materials that every successful agent should have in their toolbox: visual bios, listing presentation, buyers package, and the pledge of service - one for buyers and one for sellers. Discover what goes into each, how to use them for top effect, and why each belongs in your business.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep93

This week in Market Survival Guide: U.S. economy mixed messages, labor shortages and wages, federal lending rate changes are ahead, expanding builder liability and declining new construction quality, Snohomish county builder relief - an example of removing barriers to homebuilding, new home permitting and permit challenges, construction spending over the years, share of buyers actively trying to buy a home by U.S. region, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Financial Rules to Thrive By

Financial rules are a fantastic tool. They are there to help you set expectations, warn you when expenses are unhealthy, and keep your business and future on-track. Learn how to keep your spending on track, especially when you have financial goals to fulfill.

Denise Live! Special Guest Drew Ebner

Drew Ebner, friend of the show and licensed Washington State senior loan officer at Guild Mortgage, returns to Denise Live. Join us for his expert knowledge, advice for both buyers/sellers/agents, and how the lending world is pivoting to address higher interest rates and their impact on buyers.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep92

This week in Market Survival Guide: new headlines and recession fears, economic report, where to get accurate market information, interest rates, passing generational wealth, housing affordability crisis, resources for housing affordability research, and answers to your questions.

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