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Recordings of our monthly Club Zebra PRO telecoaching calls with real estate expert Denise Lones. See the Event Calendar for future call dates.

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Denise Live! Understanding the Young Millennial Homebuyer

Young millennials are like no homebuyer that has come before. Challenged by affordability, inspired by a gig economy, and being the first generation who really gets work/life balance, Millennials are the most flexible of all homeowner types,  but it isn’t about price necessarily - it is about value and having the right space.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep108

This week in Market Survival Guide: NAR lawsuit fallout and a history of housing market histrionics, mortgage interest rate changes, rental income from ADUs now allowed on FHA mortgages, regional median prices and market analysis, new construction and builder confidence, changing building starts nationally, employment, 60+ day inventory and other opportunities for real estate agents.

Denise Live! Your 2023 Finish Line, and Beyond

Whether 2023 was rubbish or one of your best ever,  it’s time to look ahead! This Tuesday, coach Denise will be discussing the critical things you can do to prepare for the coming year, starting with essential year-end MLS knowledge, market, and business opportunities to watch for, and actions you can start taking now that will grow and sustain you.

Denise Live! You Should Be Tracking New Construction

If you are unaware of what new construction in your area is planned for the coming years and how that will affect you, your buyers, and your sellers, then you may be blind to an important piece of your local market and big opportunities! Learn how to spot opportunities for business growth, and how to get plugged-into your local developer community!

Denise Live! How to Spot Market Misinformation

Faux markets, bubble markets, crashing markets - how do you read market data and recognize when your MLS isn’t telling you the whole story? Denise shows you how to pull all the puzzle pieces together and learn a skill that both benefits your clients and could be critical to your business success.

Denise Live! Navigating Client Conflict with Confidence

With so many moving parts, money, and emotions all in one transaction, there will almost always be a moment of conflict: an tough inspection report, a buyer reluctant to share their financial truth, sellers that wants you to charge less, or difficult showing conditions. Denise walks you through solutions to these conflicts and more, so you can navigate them with confidence!

Denise Live! Creative Financing for Buyers

Today’s buyers and move-up sellers face big challenges to getting the right financing to buy. Denise and branch manager Drew Ebner of Revolution Mortgage take a deep dive into creative financing solutions that buyers who need a loan should consider.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep107

In this episode of Market Survival Guide: Israel at War and the effect on markets, commotion between brokerages and NAR and how that may affect you, MLS PIN deal delayed by DOJ, primary mortgage national market update, Fannie Mae introduces new down payment options for multifamily homes, eXp and OpenDoor partner to streamline cash offers, regional market sales and pendings review, new SFR permits continue to decline, multifamily housing review, employment, consumer price index analysis, and answers to your real estate questions.

Denise Live! What Will Your Buyer Do to Buy Today?

If your buyer is in a high demand area, there is a lot they can do, and may need to do, to win a listing: from compromises on buying expectations, to making a strong offer, to negotiating terms, but the trick is deciding what is best for the buyer. In this episode, Denise shares how to talk about buyer strategies with your clients.

Denise Live! Pricing Accurately from the Start

Do you wonder about pricing or get a knot in your stomach before each listing goes to market, worrying whether pricing recommendation was too high - or was it too low? Denise knows how to price property right the first time and you can’t just do it by looking at comps, square footage, or what other neighborhood homes have sold for.

Denise Live! What Would Denise Do?

Denise is back for another round of hard-hitting questions from real estate agents deep in the industry trenches. We have messy transaction, agent and client conflict, annoying agents, troublesome buyers and sellers, and more.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep106

In this episode of Market Survival Guide: class action lawsuits in the media, mortgage and federal interest rate trajectory and its impact on listing creation, new home applications are up, regional market price and inventory analysis, new construction permits vs starts and single family permits continue to decline as money gets more expensive to buy, cost of money also hitting builder confidence, potential government shutdown effect on real estate markets and reporting, opportunities in today's market, the push for smaller lot sizes hits new record high, and answers to your questions!

Denise Live! Special Guest Tony Gallina

Special guest Tony Gallina, Director of Operations at Aqua-Terr Systems (ATSI) shares his broad expertise and views on land and ecological stewardship, overcoming land development challenges, issues concerning raw-land purchases, and more.

Denise Live! A Second Look at Expired Listings

Many areas are plentiful with sellers who, for one reason or another, were unable to complete a sale – and expired listings can be golden for agents with a plan! Today we are discussing how to identify, market to, and sustain the trust of expired listings.

Denise Live! Searching for Sellers

One of the most effective ways that real estate agents can regain control over their time is by working with more sellers, but how do you make the pivot? Whether you are thick with buyers and need to make a change or just curious what it would take to find and capture more listings, join us as Denise covers a variety of ways that agents can attract listings.

Denise Live! Converting Unrealistic Buyers

Some buyers in your pipeline have completely unrealistic views of the market. They think that prices are going to plummet, that interest rates will drop back to 3%. They may be irritated that sellers have gained so much equity and, in their view, are greedy. Should you remove them from your pipeline or is there a way to get them to see the light?

Denise Live! Conversion Workshop

Every agent has buyers and sellers sitting on the fence, so join us for a Potential Client Conversion workshop! At this client conversion workshop, agents brought their biggest potential client challenges for Denise's conversion strategy.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep105

In this episode of Market Survival Guide: We cover real estate industry news of July-August 2023 including tragic news from Lahaina and its impact on the insurance and housing industry, builders are being forced to build differently, economic information from Lawrence Yun of NAR, good news on the horizon for mortgage interest rates, the end of the "renovation wave," regional market update and analysis, landlords vs onerous regulation now leaving the market, national new construction SFR permit update, building costs and borrowing rates continue to squeeze new inventory creation, economic outlook, impact of China economy on US economy, and three opportunities for real estate agents in today's market.

Denise Live! Tech Tips with Special Guest Sean Werner

Sean Werner is a veteran Senior Loan Officer with Paramount Residential Mortgage Group for over 25 years. Sean teaches an Identity Coaching with Tech class and has created a series of short videos for real estate agents, covering tech tips for how to save time while on-the-go.

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