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Recordings of our monthly Club Zebra PRO telecoaching calls with real estate expert Denise Lones. See the Event Calendar for future call dates.

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Mailing Mistakes Sure to Burn Your Money

Sending high-quality content to potential clients on a consistent schedule is an essential strategy for growing your real estate business – but doing it the wrong way can be a costly waste of time and cash. Learn the answers to questions like these that separate success from mailer failure!

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep100

This week in Market Survival Guide: bank failures impact on real estate, climate risk impact on home owner insurance, national pending home sales are up, online notarization is on the way, regional real estate market news, future housing needs, new construction and lackluster 2023 SFR starts, permitting growth and decline nationwide, builder confidence, economics and tech layoffs, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Special Guest Dan Dunne

Meet Dan Dunne, Executive Committee President of Builder Industry Association, Whatcom County. Join us as Dan and Denise discuss housing trends, challenges, advocacy, and the industry response to the needs of the market.

Denise Live! The Backyard Oasis for Resale

This episode, Denise is discussing opportunities for easy backyard makeovers that do wonders for building listing value,  covering layout, easy landscaping, highlights, and other elements for an quick backyard makeover!

Denise Live! Working with Clients in a Changing Market

Setting expectations for a successful transaction can be a challenge. There is a tendency among both buyers and sellers to fixate on the market that was yesterday. Denise shares strategies for helping your clients let go of the past and to accept the needs of today’s market without regret, clearing the way for a better business relationship.

Denise Live! Pricing in a Faux Market

Many agents are currently operating in a faux market. Curious what that means? Learn how to recognize a faux market, how to both confidently price and protect your clients from bad pricing, and how to communicate pricing strategies when the market isn’t what it seems to be.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep99

This week in Market Survival Guide: single home buyers and female home buyers set a record, the national discussion on compensation and commission, the iBuyer advertising boom, cash offers, the downstream economic impact of inventory shortages on other industries, regional housing market update report, spring housing market expectations, building materials, the national economic outlook, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Making a Difference in Your Community and Beyond

There are so many ways to get involved: educating the public on the issues that matter, attending city council meetings, participating in your local NAR chapter, and more! Learn why you should get involved, how it helps your business, and how it gives you an edge over the competition.

Denise Live! Getting Comfortable with Video

Over recent years we have seen agents willing to incorporate video into their business strategy enjoy greater business success. They are reaching more people and fostering faster client relationships. Today, we will be sharing ways to incorporate more video into your business, how to overcome obstacles between you and creating videos, and ideas that you can start using for creating your own videos right away.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep98

This week in Market Survival Guide: Many of you had questions following Denise's State of the Market and after hearing from our cast of incredible guest speakers. This week we are answering follow-up questions from our 2023 Real Estate Success Summit.

Denise Live! Your Community-Building Plan

Our profession is truly best face-to-face, when we are involved with our communities, in-person with our clients, and in-tune with our local neighborhoods. This year we challenge you to seek ways to make deeper connections with your community and in this week’s episode we’ll be looking at different opportunities for community involvement that will nourish your business, your neighbors, and your spirit.

Denise Live! Your Money Plan

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to get a head start on decisions that can dramatically improve your long-term plans and set the stage toward financial health this year and beyond. Join us as we review smart money management strategies and outline steps for improvement that you can start taking right now.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep97

This week in Market Survival Guide: forecasting the true market, homelessness issues, interest rates continue to descend, median sale prices are under pressure but will it last, regional days on market, new construction, second home product, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Your Connection Plan

Client outreach is life to your real estate business – whether you are marketing for future clients or maintaining relationships with past clients.

Denise Live! Your Mindset Plan

Spend any time in the real estate profession and you will know - it takes some mental muscle. Protecting your energy and motivation is critical to avoiding burn-out and keeping your business steady. Denise shares strategies for a building a healthy mindset that can sustain you through change in your business all year.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep96

This week in Market Survival Guide: Clean energy impact on Texas housing, ongoing effects of inflation and supply chain issues, the "faux market," the builder backlog, addressing consumer concern,  key market indicators for 2023, price volatility in new housing materials, 2023 housing demand, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Predictions and Opportunities for 2023

What does the new year hold? Denise constantly analyzes the market at many levels and every year she makes careful predictions for what comes next. Get a glimpse of the next year’s housing market and an exclusive preview of market trends from Denise’s upcoming State of the Market keynote at the 2023 Real Estate Success Summit.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep95

This week in Market Survival Guide it is our end-of-the-year Denise Unleashed episode featuring your questions about the market, our real estate profession, housing predictions for the next year, and business advice.

Denise Live! Celebrating Your Wins

As you reflect on the past year we want you to focus on your successes. Recognizing your wins is essential to your business health. In this episode, learn to recognize and leverage your wins towards a better business and better self.

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