Club Calls

Recordings of our monthly Club Zebra PRO telecoaching calls with real estate expert Denise Lones. See the Event Calendar for future call dates.

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Club Call - August 2019 - Your Elevator Speech

What do you say when someone asks you what you do for a living? Does your answer make them ask more questions or turn away awkwardly? We are going to discuss the makings of a great elevator speech so you can be excited for the next time someone asks you that question.

Club Call - July 2019 - Overcoming Conflict with Ease and Poise

It is easy to get worked up when someone questions your integrity or if they are making a problem into a much bigger issue than it really is. Denise shares an easy-to-follow formula that will help you take control of yourself, allowing you more control of the situation.

Club Call - June 2019 - Help, My Seller Decided to Go FSBO

Everything was going smoothly, or perhaps you just didn't notice the warnings until you drove by your potential listing only to discover a new For Sale By Owner sign in their yard. Join Denise for a discussion on dealing with FSBOs. What you should do if a prospect asks about selling on their own? What can you say if this happens to you and how should you move forward?

Club Call - May 2019 - Retirement and Creating a Legacy Relationship

Whether you are considering retiring in a few years or have been approached by an agent thinking of retiring, what are the next steps? This is a question that comes up time and time again. Learn how you can set up a relationship with an agent who can succeed you, an agreement that is fair and profitable for both sides.

Club Call - April 2019 - Reading Your Potential Real Estate Clients

What do your potential clients need from you? Information? Attention? Rapport? Follow-Up and Consistency? Whether you are at an open house or just got a sign call, how you interact and follow-up is critical.

Club Call - March 2019 - Taxes Taxes Taxes

Although this isn’t a super-fun topic, if tax time has you stressed, this is a great time to make a resolution to do things a little differently next year.

Club Call - February 2019 - Expired Listings are Back

Are you thinking of expanding your lead generation toolbox to take advantage of current market conditions? Join us as Denise outlines a successful approach for converting expired listings into clients.

Club Call - January 2019 - Working with Buyers Who Won't Commit

Will that buyer get off the fence and buy or not? Strategies for hesitant buyers.

Club Call - December 2018 - Denise's 2019 Real Estate Predictions

Denise Lones offers her research, facts and insights on will happen in 2019. How will home prices and inventory change? What will the hot topics in real estate be? How are buying habits changing? Prepare your business for the new year and arm yourself with expert knowledge.

Club Call - November 2018 - The Right People on Your Bus

From assistants to even having reliable lenders, handymen, transaction managers and more, there are a lot of people involved in a transaction. First, we are going to explore how to get the wrong people off your bus and then, how to get the right folks on!

Club Call - October 2018 - Changing Brokerages

There are so many brokerage options out there, should you make a move? How do you decide whether you should go or stay? If you do decide to make a move, how should you go about doing it? Learn when it's the right time to change and how to make it happen without a costly loss of time, relationships and money.

Club Call - September 2018 - Your Command Center

It's always a great time to clean and reorganize your office. However, so many office space solutions don't stick because they are too complicated and things still don't have a home. Join us as we discuss the most important nine square feet of real estate around your seat.

Club Call - August 2018 - Riding a Fluctuating Market

Real estate markets change all the time, but if recent changes have you in a tither, join us to learn how to stay on top of market changes, how to alert your buyers and sellers of how this change can mean opportunity and how to adjust your marketing plan and message.

Club Call - July 2018 - Your Listing is Next to What?!

How many times have you gotten a call from a homeowner ready to sell, only to arrive at the house and find the house is next-door to a problem? From hoarders to perpetual remodelers, outspoken political critics, and even people who are just downright mad about boundary line debates, trees, and even wayward pets, what do you do when a listing has the potential to be a disaster? We are going to address it all and welcome your scenarios as well!

Club Call - June 2018 - Components of Teaching a Successful Class

Whether your audience is first time home buyers, new investors, downsizing seniors, vacation property buyers or someone else, hosting classes and seminars can be a great way to connect and share your expertise. We'll cover what make a great class, including invitations, advertising, publicity, class materials and follow-up.

Club Call - May 2018 - Help, My Client Wants to Buy an Investment!

We will cover some investment basics as well as language you can use to get the conversation going as well as some research you should be doing to gain the knowledge you need.

Club Call - April 2018 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Yes, once again we are opening the lines of communication and taking the questions that you have been wanting to ask Denise. Have a tough client? Dealing with a challenging market? Need advice on how real estate is impacting your quality of life? No question to big or small.

Club Call - March 2018 - Rules and Systems

Rules and systems can make your business and personal life so much better. We are going to talk about the basic systems that everyone should have in their real estate business, how to stay on track, and the rules that you must have to create balance.

Club Call - February 2018 - Multiple Offer Strategies

We are going to be re-examining how you work with buyers in an inventory-challenged market with some strategies for success. From prepping the buyers and getting them prepared for what it takes to win to working collaboratively with the listing agent and perks to include in your offer, we will give you the tools and strength to help your buyers compete.

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