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Absentee Owner The Power of Leverage Letter and Information

During tax season, investors may hit their tipping point when they consider their leverage position. Get them thinking about how they may exchange one property for two or target a new type of investment in a new area.

Absentee Owner Investor Tipping Point Letter and content on 1031 Exchanges

Investors may hit their tipping point when they learn how to invest their proceeds tax-free with a 1031 Exchange. This letter outlines information on 1031 Exchanges, but we encourage you to enlist the help of an agent who is familiar with these and has resources if you do not.

Absentee Owner Investor Tipping Point Letter and Information

During tax season, investors may hit their tipping point when they learn a high sale may be imminent. Get them thinking about the possibility of selling and changing their investment strategy. This letter includes customization options as well as a median home price graph.

Absentee Owner Investor Tipping Point Letter regarding area sold summary

Keeping the absentee owner investor up to date on local market conditions is essential. This letter includes information about a recent sold as well as a summary of recent activity in the neighborhood.

Blog - Inventory Shortage in Specific Price Points

If your market is experiencing an inventory shortage, show your clients what that looks like by price point. Usually all price points in a market don't show a shortage and it is important for potential sellers to know where the sweet spots are.

Beware of Agents Promising a High Sales Price

When it is time for a homeowner to sell their home, he or she may decide to interview several real estate agents to learn the different types of services they offer before making a hiring decision.  And although services such as photography and property marketing may be discussed, the seller often makes their decision based on where the agent recommends the property should be priced. This could be a monumental mistake.  Tell your sellers why!

Moving Day Checklist

Change your address? Cancel service? Update information? There can be a lot to remember when moving! Luckily, you can begin with this list!

Thinking About Housing for Your College Student?

As droves of students head back to school, parents may wonder if they should invest in a property for their student to live in. That answer can depend on many factors. Showcase the benefits - and drawbacks - of owning property that will be occupied by their student.

Buyer Tips for Winning a Multiple Offer

In our fast-paced market with low inventory, it is inevitable that two buyers will see the same property, like the same property, and decide to make an offer to purchase at the same time, oftentimes within days - or hours - of a property coming on the market. This scenario is called a "multiple offer" situation. There are several things you can do or include in your offer to make it more appealing to the seller. You might be surprised to learn the best offer is not always the highest offer!

Creating a Half Year Review

Create a Half Year Review! This provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to your clients and connect! You are provided both a format for the review along with an Excel sheet with graphs which automatically populate based on the information you enter.

Contrarian Buying - A Profitable Way to Buy Real Estate

When it comes to buying, most people have a pack-mentality for each of these markets.  They look and see what everyone else is doing - and they follow the crowd.  If everyone else is buying, they buy.  If everyone else is waiting for the market to improve, then they wait too. What these crowd-followers miss is the fact that the best deals are often found when you become a contrarian buyer - the opposite of what everyone else is doing as they sit on the fence and wait.

Preparing for Multiple Offers - The Pros and Cons of An Offer Review Date

Should an offer review date be part of listing strategy in a hot market? What happens when there are no offers? What if a buyer makes a high offer that expires before the offer review date in the hopes of circumventing competition? We address some of the pros and cons in this article.

Days on Market - An Indicator of Market Health

Days on market is a strong indicator of how much demand and supply are in the market. If there are a lot of homes for sale and not a lot of buyers, days on market is likely to be high. Likewise, if there are few homes for sale and a lot of buyers, days on market is likely to be lower. This article contains a graph illustrating a strengthening market and a graph illustrating a declining market.

Understanding Leverage in Real Estate

Many people don't realize that when they put a down payment on a house, they are leveraging that money to yield a return on the whole value of the home. After even just a few years, the returns can be generous! This is why homeowners in general have a much higher net value than renters.

Home Seller Q and A

This is a great template to follow for additional content that you might need for your blog, a Facebook page, etc. Just jot down questions you are asked and then go to town with your answers. Here are some examples that you can use for either an article to send to your clients or as inspiration for you to write your own answers and post online.

Blog - Guide to Having Your Home Listed During the Winter

This blog can be customized to a variety of winter conditions whether your winter is mild or wild!

Make Your First Price Reduction Your Last One

This is a letter targeted towards sellers. Today, the challenge facing most sellers is finding that ideal price point that reflects the condition and amenities of the home, the neighborhood, and current market conditions. This is why it’s so important to do a price reduction if your home is beginning to linger on the market.

Blog - Interest Rates and Buying Power

Changing interest rates can mean paying $10,000, $30,000, even hundreds of thousands more for a loan. Today's low interest rates are an opportunity that may not come along again for quite a while, but the time to take action is now.