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Branding Spotlight: New Website for Kaaleen Gassin

Kaaleen's beautiful new website showcases her unique branding and embodies her "Mountains to the Sea" real estate business perfectly, all while saving time, keeping visitors engaged, and growing her audience.

Brand Reveal: Jessica Livingston

With over a decades of experience as a real estate agent, Jessica wanted a unified look to take her business to the next level and stand out from the crowd.

5 Actions to Fill Your Pipeline for a ROBUST Spring!

Real estate coach Denise Lones shares 5 actions you can take today to create strong business activity and results in the coming months.

All-Cash Sales

Real estate coach Denise Lones reveals one of the most influential sources of cash buyers and why we are at a 30+ year peak in all-cash home sales.

5 Social Media Mistakes Agents Often Make

Over the past two-decades-plus we've seen all manner of social media mistakes and a common theme runs through all of them - many agents aren't taking the time to think about how their profiles look to potential clients.

Housing Shortage - It's Not Just About What People Can Afford - It's About What People Actually Need

Building a variety of housing solutions that is affordable, and meet the needs of the people in the community.

Brand Reveal: Brandi Chambers

With an existing logo and color palette, all that was needed was a layout and texture to pull it together to create brand with a personal touch.

Building the Right Inventory

There is more to it than just building more houses to help the inventory shortage.

Getting Real with Your Buyers on the Reality of Continuing to Rent

Coach Denise discusses the tools to have to give potential buyers information they need to make a decision.

Brand Reveal: Tyler Ware

A positive, inspirational, and driven message using real estate to build others up.

Taking Action and Taking Time Off

Coach Denise Lones shares her secrets to her productivity: Know when to take action and know when to take time off.

The Four Opportunities Missed by Agents Every Year

Determine a plan for connecting with your client base and make a change in your business to avoid these four missed opportunities.

Branding Spotlight: Leigh Anne Barth

High-fashion inspired brand emphasizes luxurious concierge-level service.

Branding Spotlight: Going Off Script (fonts)

There are tens-of-thousands of script fonts available if you want to add a personal touch instead of using your own handwriting.

How Do I Get So Much Done?

Coach Denise shares some of her key time management and task-management systems.

Branding Spotlight: Brochures & Rack Cards

Bigger than a business card but smaller than a flyer or packet, a rack card or brochure can deliver lots of information about events, listings, and services.

Don’t Just Make a Plan, Make an Action Plan for 2023

Tips for making an action plan to achieve your goals.

Branding Spotlight: Jessica Dunn

With an existing monogram and preferred colors in mind, Jessica Dunn selected a Semi-Custom Pro branding package.