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Branding Spotlight: Vegas Born Real Estate Services

It was a pleasure to work with Crystal Elijah-Ramos and have the opportunity to update her Vegas Born Real Estate Services real estate brand. Check out how we have updated this iconic Las Vegas brand and brought Crystal's refreshed vision to life!

Wake Up! HB1110 and HB1337 Are Now Law

When Governor Jay Inslee signed House Bills 1110 and 1337 into law back in May this year, he kicked-off a revolution in our real estate markets, changing how previously SFR exclusively zoned property can be used as a solution to our state's ballooning housing shortage. While there is a period of time before these laws are in force through-out the state, many municipalities are not waiting. They are already updating their comprehensive plans right now! Builders and developers are also taking notice. Are you ready?

The Real Remodeling Timeline

If your clients say they have decided to remodel rather than move due to the additional cost due to interest rates, don't just smile and say OK. Learn about what is happening with construction in your area and give them a reality check.

Two Powerful Opportunities for Washington Agents

When Governor Jay Inslee signed house bills 1110 and 1337 into law, he put in action changes that will have wide reaching consequences on real estate through-out Washington State. Yet, most real estate agents are clueless of the opportunities that these changes present and are ill-prepared to take advantage of the coming market. How will you adapt your business?

Denise Lones featured on Radio Real Estate

KGMI host Mike Kent interviews real estate coach Denise Lones on the Whatcom County housing market and history, advice for home buyers, new construction insights, and information about how house bills 1337 and 1110 which will have lasting impact on the housing market here and throughout Washington State.

Creating Connections with Community Pages

Community pages are a powerful, critical part of how you connect with new clients online and can firmly position you as a well-connected and knowledgeable expert in your area.

Fill Your Trapper Keeper and PeeChee with New Business Materials This Fall!

Every real estate agent knows there is something - perhaps a presentation visual, a tool, or handout - that could elevate their success to the next level. What is yours?

Processes and Procedures

The most effective agents are the agents that have a processes for each part of their business. Consider these parts of your business and how having a process can save you time, help you quickly identify issues, and make it easier for you to make better decisions.

Appreciation: The Secret Weapon in Your Seller Toolbox

Many home buyers and sellers focus too much on the monthly costs of a new home. Real estate coach Denise Lones using appreciation to show you how to reframe the conversion around the home as an investment.

The Power of Transaction Process Visuals

As a busy real estate professional, you understand all the ins-and-outs of how a transaction comes together, where all the necessary pieces are needed to make it successful, and you operate one like clockwork. A roadmap of the milestones is important - not just for keeping your buyers and sellers on track - and a list of transactional steps just does not cut it.

What is Your Move Mark?

Real estate coach Denise Lones shows you how to educate potential home sellers evaluate the pros-and-cons of moving so that they can make good decisions.

Summer Market Opportunties

Both buyers and sellers can benefit by entering a summer market, rather than waiting for the fall. It's time to dive into your MLS and then communicate, connect and inform your potential clients that their best moment may be right now!

Parking Matters

Many towns and cities are pushing for higher density as part of their solution to our national housing shortage. Whether they expand the role of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), increase multi-family housing, or make zoning changes a part of the solution, transit will need to either be a part of the solution or painfully play catch-up - and that means that the value of parking will become part of your home buyer and seller conversation.

Brand Refresh: Sharon Scott

Over the past eighteen years we've done a variety of small updates with Sharon's brand, originally built in 2005, but now it was time to really dive in switch-up from her eclectic past to a freshly refined new look!

The Cultivation and Conversion Curve

The lows of your business patterns can be just as scary as how great the highs feel. How can you develop your business and stay in the green-zone longer? It's all about looking ahead.

Breaking Through Housing Market Gridlock

While buyers and sellers fret about interest rates, our market stagnates. Use this tool to help educate your potential clients about the opportunities and advantages to moving now, rather than waiting for what may happen later.

Consistency Now Means Opportunity Later

Real estate coach Denise Lones knows that when the market gets tough, agents impulse is to cut back on market, but keeping consistent is the winning strategy.

Improving Your Call-to-Action

Persuading mailing-list members, sphere contacts, and geographical farm residents to interact with you - unless you are standing right there - often comes down to how compelling your call-to-action is. Learn how to craft a better one with these insights and examples.