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Branding Spotlight: Brochures & Rack Cards

Bigger than a business card but smaller than a flyer or packet, a rack card or brochure can deliver lots of information about events, listings, and services.

Don’t Just Make a Plan, Make an Action Plan for 2023

Tips for making an action plan to achieve your goals.

Branding Spotlight: Jessica Dunn

With an existing monogram and preferred colors in mind, Jessica Dunn selected a Semi-Custom Pro branding package.

The Importance of Visual Impact

Anything visual that represents you needs impact. Learn what every marketing piece needs.

Branding Spotlight: Infographics

An eye-catching way to represent data

Visually Communicating the Changing Market

Most people are visual learners! Be the go-to source for information and educate your clients with balanced, visual housing market facts.

Branding Spotlight: Pledges and Guarantees

Reassure your clients when they have questions with a printed pledge or guarantee.

Announcing the 2023 Real Estate Success Summit!

Get ready! Get energized. Get answers for the housing market questions your clients are asking. Get registered for our amazing 2023 Real Estate Success Summit - coming to the Lynnwood Convention Center this January 24th!

Branding Spotlight: Visual Bio

A visual bio is like a resume, add graphics and visuals will transform it from an essay into a feast for the eyes.

Make a Money Date

If you want a healthy, strong respectful relationship with money, the key is to invest time into your money tracking and management.

Branding Spotlight: Nick Litvinchuk

A brand with an angle that’s simple and versatile, creating a polished foundation for marketing and information.

Education is Power in Real Estate

Coach Denise Lones and a few Encore team members talk about the importance of continuing education.

Branding Spotlight: Diane and Nahjeen

Joint brand with a modern, minimal design with an edge of luxury while keeping an approachable feel.

Your Financial Check-Up

Coach Denise Lones gives tips for how to assess your financial fitness towards the year end.

Branding Spotlight: Business Cards

To stand out from the crowd, consider these creative uses for business cards.

Calculating Your Pajama Money Rate

Simple tools to calculate and track your investments

Branding Spotlight: Ken Morrison

A brand that is easy-to-recognize, yet flexible for future agents and marketing opportunities.

Changing Markets, Changing Strategies

Be open to education, especially when the markets are shifting.