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Buyer Brokerage Agreements

With all the changes coming to buyer agency, you need to be able to explain why you are a valuable part of the home buying experience and how buyer agency agreements are in their best interest. Are you and your website ready for that conversation?

The Tools You Need to Fight for Buyer Brokerage Compensation

The Tools Your Real Estate Business Needs in Light of the NAR Proposed Settlement.

2024 Home Interior Trends You Need to Know

The International Builder Show in Last Vegas is like Disneyland for me. Not just the Builder Show, but I got to go to the Kitchen & Bath show too! I loved it. This week I want to give you some highlights and takeaways that I think brokers need to be aware of when providing service to both buyers and sellers.

Website Reveal: Kelly Burns

Experienced real estate professional Kelly Burns needed a website that would take care of itself and represent her as a local expert within her community.

Microsoft Publisher's Days Are Numbered

Microsoft's big announcement this week sets the stage for a shake-up in the world of consumer print publishing that has been long overdue: the retirement of its venerable Publisher software. First released in 1991, fourteen versions later, the 2021 Publisher will be the last edition - although, to be honest, it has been a decade since publisher saw a truly meaningful update beyond a hasty reskin to keep-up appearances. How might this affect you?

The 2024 Spring Market has Sprung

People are finding ways to get out of the homes that they haven’t wanted to stay in. While 2023 was a Year-in-Limbo, 2024 is already shaping up to be great. How can you capitalize on that?

What QVC Can Teach You About Marketing

By anyone's standards, the QVC shopping network has been a huge success and offers a prospecting and sales model that real estate agents should pay attention to. By employing a system of authentic and honest storytelling, combined with facts, a sense of urgency, and strong visual and personable components, QVC's consistent process contains lessons that you should pay attention to.

Find Your People

Healthy relationships and working alongside people that share your outlook and compliment your weaknesses can propel your business and mental health to new heights. Just the same, negative cultures, toxic relationships, and personality friction can sap the life out of you and hurt your potential. Denise shares advice for dealing with unhealthy relationships.

Don't Let This Challenge Derail Your 2024

While you are evaluating how you would like to see this year be different from the last, I want you to be aware of one key thing you can do for your business in a year that will be filled with change and opportunities.

If You Do Only One Thing in 2024, Make It This

Many agents are looking for help with lead generation on real estate forums. What works? Is the advice being given any good? Coach Denise Lones weighs in and identifies one thing real estate agents must do to be successful this year.

State of the Market Sneak Peek

After a whirlwind year, we are more excited than ever at the opportunities and changes that our industry will be seeing in 2024. Here's a quick look at some of the topics Denise will be covering at the 2024 State of the Market.

Authentic Client Communication for the Holidays

I know that this can be both a very special and stressful time of year for so many people, so I really want to remind you to not forget your wonderful clients – both those from your past and potentially ones in your near future as well. Take the time to connect.

Looking Beyond 2023

It's been a tough time for agents because the volume of selling home has been down. That means that with fewer transactions to go around, some agents have been feeling the pinch! So why am I so optimistic about what's ahead for next year?

7 Things To Do in December for 2024 Success!

This year challenged many agents. As the holidays and a new year approach, we have seven money-free ideas that you can use to revitalize your outlook, energy, and business opportunities.

The Power of Data

This is not a boring data conversation we are having today. Having the right data is crucial to understanding your market and your business success!

Where is Housing Headed?

While some agents out there are having their best year yet, everyone in today's housing market has taken note of the market stagnation caused by the one-two punch of interest rates and decades of under-produced inventory. Politics and litigation are poised to make broad changes. Meanwhile states, like here in Washington State, are legislating new housing flexibility that will change the local landscape forever. Agents are right to ask, "How do I steer my business toward success?"

What Should You Give Your Client this Holiday?

A card? An event? A gift? Your expertise? Denise Lones has expert advice for all of these choices. Create new business opportunities and reconnect with your past clients this season!

Accessory Dwelling Units Are Coming

This week's Zebra Report comes from our CEO, Shauna Naf, who has just returned from the ADU Academy in Berkeley, California, hosted by Earth Advantage. Please enjoy.