Niche Marketing

Developing a specialty in a niche housing market doesn't have to mean alienating business from other real estate prospects, quite the opposite! Real estate agents who develop specialized knowledge of a niche market not make more, but they find more satisfaction in their work too!

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Business Boost Ep5: Targeted Prospecting

Learn the eight categories of specialized potential sellers that exist in almost every market, the information they need to take their next step, and how to position yourself as an expert and how to learn about their needs so you can approach them with a message of service, not sales.

Club Call - Niche Markets

Our topic this month was "From Attorneys to Zen Masters: Growing Your Niche Market." Listen in as Denise covers four different ways to approach niche markets, with a bevy of examples for exactly how to be successful and market to each one. We'll also cover strategies for entering a niche market and how to identify the right niche market for you. Curious about how to break into equestrian properties or the luxury market? Is there a market specialty that you have or wish you had? Denise has some great advice for you in this call.

Club Call - The Power of Niche Lists

Our topic for May was Thinking Outside the PO Box, the Power of Niche Lists. Did you know there is an untapped market right in your backyard? Take marketing to specific niche markets to a whole new level when you learn how to harness the power of niche database lists. Join Denise Lones and special guest Nancy Burch from Old Republic Title, who will show you just how much information there is available right now that will help you develop your own niche list - and an accompanying campaign that will knock their socks off and have them running to pick up the phone. If you've been wondering how to find the right contacts for your niche campaign, then prepare to be wowed!

Denise Live! Equestrian, Geofarming, and Recreation Niche Marketing

Equestrian, geographical farms, and recreation housing markets have a lot to offer for agents who are willing to develop their knowledge and do more than scratch the surface. Dive into the special client needs of each and how to attract them by speaking their marketing language.

Denise Live! Get Rich With Your Real Estate Niche

In every profession, those who specialize stand to make more dollars than those who generalize – and real estate is no different. Learn how identify a niche that will prosper with you, what it takes to get started, how to claim it, and how you can deliver a personal message that will help you win over your generalist competition.

Denise Live! Intro to Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a targeted campaign at a specific slice of the housing market. It can be geographical, generational, a particular type of property, or even a particular demographic of clientele. Learn how to get started, how long it takes to develop, how to choose your niche and determine if it is viable, and what to do to establish yourself as an expert to your target audience.

Denise Live! Special Guests Karmin Pincus and Steve Clark

Meet two fantastic agents that have practiced niche marketing for years. Learn from Karmin Pincus, whose specialty is military relocation, and Steve Clark who specializes in home assemblages. Both embody the skills that a specialist in their niche needs for success and are here to share their journey with you.

Denise Live! The Real Estate Investor Niche

Property investors are a different class of real estate client. If you can convince them that you are an expert source, their return business can be a powerful boost to your pocket book. Learn how to attract, connect with, and sustain business relationships in this incredible niche real estate market.

Going Hyper-Local

Establishing yourself as the local go-to expert takes work, but pays in rewards. Ready to up your local presence? Guest expert Randy Bowers has the answers you are looking for: from choosing your target audience, to building expertise, to developing rapport, and an online plan to support it.

Niche Marketing

There's not an industry out there where "generalists" make more money than "specialists" and real estate is no different! Yet many agents are afraid to specialize, for fear they will "lose" business. Put those fears aside, and become a niche marketing expert. We'll cover a number of different niche markets, and provide an overview of the many possibilities that exist.

Niche Marketing - Easier Than You May Think

When first starting your business, it was all about getting bigger, right? Growing your database. Doubling your advertising. Expanding your reach. Big big big.

Niche Marketing I

Denise kicks off a five part series on niche marketing. Most agents don't even realize how lucritive niche marketing can be in their market place. When you are shopping for something, don't you want to talk to someone who is positioned as the expert in that area?

Niche Marketing II - Renters

In part two of Denise's five part series on niche marketing with a discussion of one of her favorite markets - renters. Yes, renters! Learn why she loves working with the renters market.

Niche Marketing III - Choosing the Right Market

Part three of Denise's five part niche marketing series - how do you choose the right niche market? Learn the rules to choose the right niche for you.

Niche Marketing IV - Social Media

In part four of this five part series on niche marketing, Denise talks about how and why it is so important to use social media to connect with your niche.

Niche Marketing V - Geographical Farming

In our closing piece for this five part series on niche marketing, Denise talks about one of her favorite niche marketing strategies - geographical farming. Fewer agents are doing it today, but the agents who are doing it are making more money at it. Learn the basic concepts behind geographical farming.

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