General Prospecting

From construction to working with vendors, relocation agencies to retirees, international buyers to luxury listings, there are so many opportunities for finding new business if you know where to look.

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How to Follow Up with 'Almost Now' Clients

I want to show you some specific tactics to handle your "Almost Now" clients - some of which may convert them into "Now" clients much sooner than you anticipated.

Lead Generation is Critical to Your Success

If you've stayed at the same level of production the last two years or if your business is not where you need to be, lead generation is your answer. Over 98% of real estate agents don’t do any form of organized lead generation other than mailing (usually very bad content) to their database.

Lead Generation, Your Way

Unless you have developed a business that is meeting your gross commission income goals consistently through referrals, you need to incorporate a system of lead generation into your business. For many agents, the mere mention of lead generation makes them want to run for the hills. In most cases, this is due to that agent needing to find a good lead generation fit. Remember, what works for the agent up the hall is not necessarily what will work for you. Just as agents have different personalities, they also have different work styles, different market interests and hobbies which can easily translate into niches.

Networking Groups

There's nothing as exciting as a group of like-minded individuals! People naturally gravitate to – and enjoy doing business with – people they "click" with. Find out how to maximize relationships to build business in a fun (and profitable) way!

Niche Marketing - Easier Than You May Think

When first starting your business, it was all about getting bigger, right? Growing your database. Doubling your advertising. Expanding your reach. Big big big.

Niche Marketing I

Denise kicks off a five part series on niche marketing. Most agents don't even realize how lucritive niche marketing can be in their market place. When you are shopping for something, don't you want to talk to someone who is positioned as the expert in that area?

Niche Marketing IV - Social Media

In part four of this five part series on niche marketing, Denise talks about how and why it is so important to use social media to connect with your niche.

Online Communication, Part 1 - Handling Online Leads

When you communicate online and you are ready to take action with a business, how long are you expecting before you hear back from them? Find out why this is a particular pet-peeve of Denise and why having a system for handling online leads is crucial.

Online Communication, Part 2 - Permission Marketing

Denise continues her discussion about responding to online leads. If someone emails you, how do you engage with them and get them to talk to you more? Watcha nd learn the rules of permission marketing.

Potential Income Tracker - Weekly Communication Plan

Now that you have your leads situated in you Potential Income Tracker, it is time to develop a conversion plan that will translate to written contracts! While I recommend that you follow-up with your core database once a month, you really must be following up with your P.I.T. clients once a week. Follow along as we discuss the impact of personalities on your personal income tracker and what follow-up and client care for these different personalities looks like, weather your client is a buyer or a seller.

Power of Packages 3: The Relocation Package

Think HR managers already have agents in place for relocating employees? Think again!

Selling 2.0 - The Intuitive Revolution

Are you paying attention and picking up your client's natural cues or are you getting in your own in the way of closing the deal? In today's hard-wired world you need to sell in a way that promotes communication and detects what your clients are really thinking.

Strategies for Promoters and Supporters

Denise takes you on a tour of how to do lead generation for Promoters and Supporters - the people people. They love going out, socializing and building relationships. If you are a promoter or a supporter, learn what lead generation is a great fit for you.

Strategies for Winter Prospecting

Looking to increase your take of wintery clientele? Join Denise Lones for this webinar that discusses three marketing strategies, with a focus on today's 2016 competitive listing market, for attracting buyers and sellers before the "spring season" has arrived.

Using the Potential Income Tracker

How do you keep track of your clients who want to buy or sell in three months, six months, or even a year from now? When you put the Potential Income Tracker to work for you, those potential clients won't slip through the cracks along with your commission. You may be surprised at how much commission you have coming your way if you can provide your potential clients with all the information they need about their upcoming transaction. We will also show you how to build an ongoing plan to provide stellar service to these clients.

Volunteering and Your Return on Investment, Is It Worth it?

In this call Denise shares the power of volunteer groups and how they can not only making you feel great about giving back, but also how they can expand your sphere. However, it is easy to volunteer yourself to burn out! We will discuss the most effective ways to volunteer and how to get a great return on your time investment and what volunteer opportunities to avoid if increasing your business is the result you are looking for.

Where is the Market?

How do you find your target market so that you are fishing for business successfully? Denise reviews the key parts of successful lead generation and help to find the right market so that you can generate a steady stream of clients in your business.

White Paper - Your Potential Client Conversion Program

This white paper is chock-full of good ideas to send to the clients in your pipeline!

Who Says Prospecting Doesn't Work

One good thing about a challenging economic climate is that it forces all of us to get a little tougher. Rather than rest on our laurels We have to be smarter and work harder to prosper.

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