General Prospecting

From construction to working with vendors, relocation agencies to retirees, international buyers to luxury listings, there are so many opportunities for finding new business if you know where to look.

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Denise Live! If Your Phone Isn't Ringing, Give Them a Reason to Call

If your phone isn't ringing it's because your expertise and value proposition isn't making it into your marketing. So many agents rely on “pushing for the sale”.  It’s time to go deeper than bland offers of comps and listing updates and give your prospects a real reason to remember you and call when the time is right.

Denise Live! Intro to Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a targeted campaign at a specific slice of the housing market. It can be geographical, generational, a particular type of property, or even a particular demographic of clientele. Learn how to get started, how long it takes to develop, how to choose your niche and determine if it is viable, and what to do to establish yourself as an expert to your target audience.

Denise Live! Rethinking Lead Generation Strategy for the New Year

Our industry is poised for big changes this year and consumer perception continues to evolve. The marketing that brought business to your doorstep five years ago may not be the same marketing that will work today. We look at current consumer preferences and how your lead generation strategy should adapt.

Denise Live! Searching for Sellers

One of the most effective ways that real estate agents can regain control over their time is by working with more sellers, but how do you make the pivot? Whether you are thick with buyers and need to make a change or just curious what it would take to find and capture more listings, join us as Denise covers a variety of ways that agents can attract listings.

Denise Live! Should I Stay or Move?

Sellers are stuck, locked into their low interest rate mortgages. They may want to sell, but many feel like trading in their low-interest rate mortgage is a budget-killer. Learn how to demonstrate stay-or-move scenarios to help potential sellers get into the nitty-gritty numbers so they can truly weigh the benefits of staying or going.

Denise Live! Signage, Hidden Opportunities in the Wide Open

Most real estate professionals don’t think too much about signage. We call the sign company to install a for sale sign or we put out open house signs on the weekend - but when was the last time you really thought about your signage strategy? We are talking about yard arms, riders, sandwich boards, car decals, fun sign props, call-outs, QR codes, and more. There are uses for signs that you probably have never even heard of!

Denise Live! Successful Money-Making Strategies of 2023

From agents and brokers daily working the real estate trenches, we bring you strategies and insights into what worked best in 2023 and Denise’s advice for continuing these strategies into the new year. Did you struggle this 2023? Time to update your money-maker strategy!

Denise Live! The Art of Keeping Clients Connected to You

Want more referrals and return clients? Real business building means staying connected and that means consistently having something of value that your clients don’t already know. Denise brings decades of experience in connecting with clients to this week’s episode, including what makes an effective plan, a strong offer, and how to reliably get it done.

Denise Live! Top 5 Visual Marketing Tools

Meet the five must-have visual marketing materials that every successful agent should have in their toolbox: visual bios, listing presentation, buyers package, and the pledge of service - one for buyers and one for sellers. Discover what goes into each, how to use them for top effect, and why each belongs in your business.

Denise Live! Widen Your Sphere When You Volunteer

Benefit your community, nurture your sense of well-being, and grow your business opportunities by engaging as a volunteer. Has your social sphere wilted this past year under Covid? Learn how to find the right project for your passion and discover its personal and business growth benefits.

Denise Live! Your Connection Plan

Client outreach is life to your real estate business – whether you are marketing for future clients or maintaining relationships with past clients.

Fall Essentials: Getting Ready for a Robust Fourth Quarter

Denise Lones discusses the importance of setting up for a strong fourth quarter, how to do it, and how that creates a foundation for an even better new year. We'll also be covering strategies for an impactful end-of-the-year and specific systems you should implement this fall.

Five Simple Truths About Lead Generation

I'd like to talk about lead generation. Maybe you just groaned. I know. Lead generation is not a topic that makes most agents jump for joy. However, if you don't pay attention to lead generation, then you may as well shut your door and go home. It is an ESSENTIAL tool in your business and must be used consistently.

How to Follow Up with 'Almost Now' Clients

I want to show you some specific tactics to handle your "Almost Now" clients - some of which may convert them into "Now" clients much sooner than you anticipated.

Improving Your Call-to-Action

Persuading mailing-list members, sphere contacts, and geographical farm residents to interact with you - unless you are standing right there - often comes down to how compelling your call-to-action is. Learn how to craft a better one with these insights and examples.

Lead Generation is Critical to Your Success

If you've stayed at the same level of production the last two years or if your business is not where you need to be, lead generation is your answer. Over 98% of real estate agents don’t do any form of organized lead generation other than mailing (usually very bad content) to their database.

Lead Generation, Your Way

Unless you have developed a business that is meeting your gross commission income goals consistently through referrals, you need to incorporate a system of lead generation into your business. For many agents, the mere mention of lead generation makes them want to run for the hills. In most cases, this is due to that agent needing to find a good lead generation fit. Remember, what works for the agent up the hall is not necessarily what will work for you. Just as agents have different personalities, they also have different work styles, different market interests and hobbies which can easily translate into niches.

Networking Groups

There's nothing as exciting as a group of like-minded individuals! People naturally gravitate to – and enjoy doing business with – people they "click" with. Find out how to maximize relationships to build business in a fun (and profitable) way!

Niche Marketing - Easier Than You May Think

When first starting your business, it was all about getting bigger, right? Growing your database. Doubling your advertising. Expanding your reach. Big big big.

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