General Prospecting

From construction to working with vendors, relocation agencies to retirees, international buyers to luxury listings, there are so many opportunities for finding new business if you know where to look.

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36 Point System

Denise talks about how to create a follow-up plan that complements your business, your personality and your clients. This is where the 36 Point System enters your business toolkit.

Business Boost Ep5: Targeted Prospecting

Learn the eight categories of specialized potential sellers that exist in almost every market, the information they need to take their next step, and how to position yourself as an expert and how to learn about their needs so you can approach them with a message of service, not sales.

Business Boost Ep6: Working New Construction

Learn the types of information you can provide that your builder(s) will be wowed by, how to position yourself as a new construction expert, the different materials and information that potential buyers need, and how to create a follow-up system to keep them engaged with either the product you represent.

Club Call - Components of Teaching a Successful Class

Whether your audience is first time home buyers, new investors, downsizing seniors, vacation property buyers or someone else, hosting classes and seminars can be a great way to connect and share your expertise. We'll cover what make a great class, including invitations, advertising, publicity, class materials and follow-up.

Club Call - Converting Internet Leads

Over the previous two months we have talked about why a website is an important lead generation channel, how to create great content and how to attract visitors and subscribers. This month we'll be taking those visitors and turning them into prospects. Denise has some great conversion facts for you, a step-by-step process for lead conversion and rules that you can build into your business today that will make a difference in how well you nurture your online leads.

Club Call - Filling Your Pipeline, Fast!

Everyone has had a month where counted-on transactions fall apart and you may be faced with an empty pipeline. Join Denise as she shares five tips for getting your pipeline filled in a short amount of time.

Club Call - Finding Business Opportunities in a Tight Market

Throughout the country, areas are hampered by inventory shortages frustrating buyers who cannot buy and homeowners who may want to sell but are worried about their ability to buy. Our buzzword should be location, location, location, but stagnation is the name of the game in many areas. So what is an agent to do? Just as it was up to the entire real estate community to get the market moving four years ago, it is once again up to us to get sellers off the fence and to find opportunities. Join us for a lively discussion and find opportunities in your market - they do exist!

Club Call - Luxury Marketing

Denise guides you through the ins-and-outs of catering to the luxury market. Learn the psychology of luxury buyers and sellers, their expectations, critical steps you must take, and things you must and must not say when working with this market. Get realistic expectations of what luxury means in your particular geographic area, how long it might take you to break into the market, and exactly what kinds of tools you need at your disposal to succeed.

Club Call - The 50+ Demographic

Are you ignoring an important growing market demographic? The 50+ market represents the largest segment of our consumer base. Denise shares her tips for client care, follow-up, and how best to serve this important and fast growing group of both baby-boomer and silent-generation clients.

Club Call - Vendor Relationships

In this month's call we discuss how to take a second look at the vendors in your database and learn how to turn those vendors into a lead generation faucet. We have a simple three-step process for easily connecting with professional vendors that work with real estate clients. We'll share with you exactly how to wow them enough that they will remember you next time that they meet someone who is looking to buy or sell a home.

Club Call - Volunteering and Your Return on Investment, Is It Worth it?

In this call Denise shares the power of volunteer groups and how they can not only making you feel great about giving back, but also how they can expand your sphere. However, it is easy to volunteer yourself to burn out! We will discuss the most effective ways to volunteer and how to get a great return on your time investment and what volunteer opportunities to avoid if increasing your business is the result you are looking for.

Club Call - Wooing the International Buyer

In this call we discussed the impact that international buyers have had on our market and some statistics that might shock you! You'll learn where our buyers are coming from and how to build a presence that attracts them to work with you. We will discuss what they are buying, talk about how to avoid cultural pitfalls, debunk myths about international buyers, and touch on important marketing topics such as currency, taxes, documentation and more! If you have been noticing international buyers in your market, you'll want to listen to this club call recording!

Denise Live! A Day in the Life of a Successful Agent

Marketing, education, product knowledge, developing relationships, lead generation, client management, and more all compete for your attention. What is the right mix of activities that will set you on a trajectory to business nirvana? Denise examines how peak performing agents prioritize and organize for success by the day, week, and month.

Denise Live! Breaking Into the Luxury Market

Many agents look upon high-end listings with a bit of envy and wonder: Was that luxury agent just at the right place at the right time or is there a special formula that any agent could follow with a little practice? Denise has studied luxury for decades and helped dozens of agents along the way. Discover what it takes to make it in the luxury housing market.

Denise Live! Conversion Workshop

Every agent has buyers and sellers sitting on the fence, so join us for a Potential Client Conversion workshop! At this client conversion workshop, agents brought their biggest potential client challenges for Denise's conversion strategy.

Denise Live! Equestrian, Geofarming, and Recreation Niche Marketing

Equestrian, geographical farms, and recreation housing markets have a lot to offer for agents who are willing to develop their knowledge and do more than scratch the surface. Dive into the special client needs of each and how to attract them by speaking their marketing language.

Denise Live! Evaluating Your Campaign Effectiveness

Mailing campaigns can be enormously effective when done right, but they require a careful formula in order to connect with your diverse prospects’ personalities. Join us as we look at four critical parts of effective campaign execution.

Denise Live! Finding the Market Sweet Spot

Whether you are trying to price a home, develop a solid buyer strategy, or you are looking for lead generation opportunities for yourself, the best tool at your disposal is the MLS. Today we are going to show you six clues to use to find your market sweet spot.

Denise Live! If Your Phone Isn't Ringing, Give Them a Reason to Call

If your phone isn't ringing it's because your expertise and value proposition isn't making it into your marketing. So many agents rely on “pushing for the sale”.  It’s time to go deeper than bland offers of comps and listing updates and give your prospects a real reason to remember you and call when the time is right.

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