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Looking to dominate your real estate market? Knowing your market is key to impressing clients, for getting the most our of your transactions, and for guiding your business successfully through market changes.

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20 Things Every Agent Should Know

Follow along with Denise Lones as she goes through 20 things that every agent should know and be able to talk about if they are a licensed real estate agent. Knowledge is key to real estate and we've seen real estate agents blossom when they learn to develop a strong knowledge base.

Becoming a Market Expert: The 20 Things You Need to Know

If you want to be viewed as a market expert, you must completely understand your local market. Most of this information is easily accessible from your MLS. Every agent must be able to analyze for their marketplace.

Club Call - December 2019 - Looking Ahead to 2020

Denise touches on a few of her 2020 predictions and discussed how you can take advantage of trends in the new year.

Denise Live! Be the Trendspotter

Spend any time with us and you’ll know that we love trends – and Denise loves to spot them. Learning how to recognize trends in our industry, in your community, and in your MLS can provide you with stability, knowledge over other brokers, confidence when interviewing with clients, and ultimately fatten your wallet.

Denise Live! Looking Ahead to 2021

Denise discusses a few of her 2021 predictions, what you can expect from our market as Covid solutions begin to bear fruit, and how you can take advantage of trends developing in the new year.

Denise Live! Title, Closing, and Earnest Money with Guest Bill Ronhaar

Whatcom Land Title President and Chief Underwriting Officer Bill Ronhaar is the title expert you must hear from, with nearly five decades of title industry experience, including three terms as Washington Land Title Association President and service at all industry levels. We’ll be discussing the most common reasons closings are delayed, how covid and other factors have changed title and escrow these past two years, earnest money, and estate property sales. Do not miss it!

Denise Live! What You Must Know Before Buying Land

Are your buyers so frustrated with the market that they are thinking about buying land? Before you lead your buyers down this road, come to this Tuesday's Denise Live and learn the hidden risks and dangers that you must know first!

Five Ways To Boost Your Expert Status In The Eyes Of Your Clients

Expertise is the number one word that should come to people's minds when they see your name. If you're still projecting the old image of a pushy real estate salesperson who is only interested in getting them to sign on the dotted line, then you need to reframe yourself in the eyes of your clients.

Real Estate Resources For Market Research

Suggested sources for research include The Census Bureau, National Association of Realtors®, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Epodunk, and more.

Resources for Understanding Your Market

The MLS is a fantastic resource for getting information on what is happening in your local housing market, but it may not tell the whole story. Join Shauna Naf as she shows you additional resources for finding what is happening in your area in terms of the economy, zoning, bills and legislation, and more! Presented by Shauna Naf, CEO, The Lones Group.

Seven Stats That Make Your Phone Ring

Denise shares how a little bit of market knowledge can transform how you handle objections, engage with clients and position yourself as the expert that they need. Learn these seven statistics that get your phone ringing with clients calling you!

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