Buyer Conversion

Are you buyers sitting on the fence rather than engaging with the market? Are you spending too much time touring the wrong properties? Learn how to serve your buyers more effectively. It's not just better for your business, it is better service too!

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Denise Live! Virtual Buyer Consultations

It may be a social distancing world, but there will always be buyers who want to buy. This week we continue our Virtual Services series, turning our attention to skills you need to master for converting and closing buyer clients. Follow along with Denise as she discusses how to hold a virtual consultations that give your buyer the information that they need to confidently make an offer in today’s market.

Denise Live! Virtual Home Showings and Neighborhood Tours

What you can do when you are working with buyers and are unable to bring them into a home for a showing. How should you prepare? What’s should be top-of-mind while you are taking them through the home and what should you always include when discussing the neighborhood and surrounding area? Make sure your buyers can confidently make the right decision, even while under pressure in today’s fast moving market.

Handling Buyer Objections in a Fast Market

Working with buyers in a fast market can be tough for agents to navigate. With the fast pace of the market and the competitive nature of offers, an agent has to be able to work fast and to navigate buyer objections.  Come learn how to dialog with your buyers to get them in tip top buying shape. Learn how to handle even the toughest buyer objections. Presented by Denise Lones, CSP, CMP, MIRM.

Housing Affordability Index

Learn how to discuss the current market opportunities with your clients.

How to Create a Buyer Package

When I ask Real Estate agents to show me what services they offer for buyers they usually look at me with a blank stare. They then usually say that they don't have a specific written plan or package for buyers. If this is you then you MUST get this CD. Today's buyers want to know what you do that is different from everyone else. You need to know how to showcase your services and how to show on paper exactly what you have to offer. Buyers packages make you look professional and save you time from running around scrambling to gather materials every time you need to send out some information to new buyers.

Know Your Product (Most Agents Don't!)

I had a meeting last week with David Maider, a broker with Windermere Real Estate. Dave was in my coaching program for brokers last year, and he has always had great ideas and strong opinions about how to succeed in the real estate business. As a result, he’s cultivated a strong and successful group of agents in his office.

Math, Your Secret Weapon

Don't worry, this class is for everyone! Your 8th grade math teacher may not have been right in that you have to use algebra regularly later in life, but in today’s Mastery forum, Shauna will be reviewing four formulas that will help you communicate more-clearly with your clients. She will show you how to break down big, abstract issues and decisions that your clients will be faced with and show you how to clearly articulate the effects of those decisions in their future.

Neighborhood Tours

Today Denise talks about the power of taking your buyers out on a neighborhood tour first, rather than having them look at houses first. Learn why this can save you hours or even weeks finding a buyer's next home.

Overcoming Objections - The Picky Purchaser

In this episode of Overcoming Objections, Denise is meeting with a buyer who just can't seem to find what they are looking for. The buyer actually thinks that it's Denise's fault that they can't find the right home to buy. The question is, how is she going to deal with this? Watch and find out!

Personalities: An Overview

Not only is knowing your personality type important for determining the strengths and challenges you face when it comes to adjusting your business plan, it is also important for considering how you communicate with others. Familiarize yourself with this handy overview of the different personality-types and how it affects sales behavior, priorities, expectations, reactions to stress, how they treat money and much, much more.

Pledge of Service, Buyer

This buyer pledge agreement may be provided alongside your MLS-provided Buyer Agency Agreement. Make sure you add any additional services you offer and delete those you don't. You may want to include graphics or icons and any membership logos that are applicable and build your value.

Potential Income Tracker - Weekly Communication Plan

Now that you have your leads situated in you Potential Income Tracker, it is time to develop a conversion plan that will translate to written contracts! While I recommend that you follow-up with your core database once a month, you really must be following up with your P.I.T. clients once a week. Follow along as we discuss the impact of personalities on your personal income tracker and what follow-up and client care for these different personalities looks like, weather your client is a buyer or a seller.

Power of Packages 2: The Buyer Package

Denise introduces the power of using packages in your real estate business. Are you one of the 10% of agents who are using packages? Learn why you should be using packages with this presentation on the Buyers Package.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Have potential buyers who think they want to rent instead? Show them the power of the future with the Rent vs Buy Calculator!

Renting can become not such a great deal when faced with the prospects of rising rent and stable mortgage payments. Run scenarios with your potential buyers and help them determine if it is the right fit for them, both now and in the future.

While none of us has a crystal ball, we can use the past to help determine what may lie ahead. Use this information to help your potential buyers make a good decision based on their scenario.

The Danger of Waiting

This Publisher file which includes a table of interest rates, loan amounts, and equivalent monthly payments is very useful for buyers who want to wait out a price drop. However, if interest rates rise, they could actually find themselves paying much more than if they just moved forward.

The Four Different Buyer Personality Types And How To Handle Each Of Them

If you've been in the real estate business for any period of time, you've probably noticed that everybody is different. You naturally connect with some clients while others just can't seem to communicate with you. Why is that? Learn to listen for clues to your client's personality and how to talk to them in a way they'll respond to.

The Holiday Client

The need for people to buy and sell property doesn't stop for the holidays and being the agent willing to do business can be lucrative during what others believe to be a "slow" time of the year. Join Denise for a discussion on who the Holiday Buyer is, what to consider when working with buyers and sellers during the holidays and the information that they need, and how to set your holiday business boundaries.

What Buyers Want

Today's home buyers have high expectations of their real estate agent. Do you make the grade? See at a glance what buyers are most concerned about as they begin hunting for a home. Learn what they want from their agent and the results they want from their home search.

Win More Clients With Great Buyer Presentations

You've probably at least heard about the power of listing presentations - hopefully you are doing them for your potential sellers too! But have you ever thought about doing a buyer presentation? Set yourself up to be the expert and create a foundation of expectations from the start. Here are the five things that you should include in your buyer presentation and why you should add this tool to your business arsenal.

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