Buyer Conversion

Are you buyers sitting on the fence rather than engaging with the market? Are you spending too much time touring the wrong properties? Learn how to serve your buyers more effectively. It's not just better for your business, it is better service too!

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Denise Live! Encouraging Your Audience Toward Action

The real estate market is primed for change in so many different ways and there are buyers and sellers out there who both want to and need to move. As the market changes, are they getting closer to their move moment or further away?  We will be covering messaging and what you need to put up-front to get your audience to pay attention.

Denise Live! House-Hacking

Buyers today have to get creative in order to cover their housing expenses. Join us for house hacking ideas and get the calculator that will help you talk with your buyers about opportunities to make money with their property.

Denise Live! Make a Winning Impression with the Experience Book

Of course you want to make your best impression before you leave your listing presentation. The Experience Book is not just an effective conversation starter, but also highlights your expertise, problem solving skills, and challenging past listings. Learn why this belongs in your presentation, what goes into one, and how to use it.

Denise Live! Reverse Offers in a Sellers Market

Rather than waiting for a seller to offer a listing, your buyers are ready to make offers on homes that aren’t even on the market yet. Learn how it works, how to make a compelling offer, and how to protect your buyer when taking this alternative approach to finding listings.

Denise Live! The Moment of the Market, Identifying Buyer Opportunities

When the speed of inventory, the cost of money, and other factors align you potentially have a moment of market opportunity for your clients. Are we in a "moment of the market” now? How would you know? Learn how to identify moments in your market and to leverage them for converting prospects into clients.

Denise Live! The Visuals You Need When Explaining the Market

Denise reveals the top visuals for explaining the market to your clients and advice for presenting them. Wow your next buyer or listing presentation prospects by how prepared you are with expert market advice.

Denise Live! Virtual Buyer Consultations

It may be a social distancing world, but there will always be buyers who want to buy. This week we continue our Virtual Services series, turning our attention to skills you need to master for converting and closing buyer clients. Follow along with Denise as she discusses how to hold a virtual consultations that give your buyer the information that they need to confidently make an offer in today’s market.

Denise Live! Virtual Home Showings and Neighborhood Tours

What you can do when you are working with buyers and are unable to bring them into a home for a showing. How should you prepare? What’s should be top-of-mind while you are taking them through the home and what should you always include when discussing the neighborhood and surrounding area? Make sure your buyers can confidently make the right decision, even while under pressure in today’s fast moving market.

Denise Live! What Will Your Buyer Do to Buy Today?

If your buyer is in a high demand area, there is a lot they can do, and may need to do, to win a listing: from compromises on buying expectations, to making a strong offer, to negotiating terms, but the trick is deciding what is best for the buyer. In this episode, Denise shares how to talk about buyer strategies with your clients.

Handling Buyer Objections in a Fast Market

Working with buyers in a fast market can be tough for agents to navigate. With the fast pace of the market and the competitive nature of offers, an agent has to be able to work fast and to navigate buyer objections.  Come learn how to dialog with your buyers to get them in tip top buying shape. Learn how to handle even the toughest buyer objections. Presented by Denise Lones, CSP, CMP, MIRM.

House Hacking Calculator

As home prices and interest rates rise, homebuyers may need to get creative when it comes to covering their monthly payment. Or perhaps you have a homeowner interested in using their property to raise more capital for another investment.

Whatever the case, House Hacking is a term that you should become familiar with. This calculator will help you run scenarios with your income-savvy homeowners and get them thinking creatively about how they can make their property work for their pocketbook. You can even provide this as a gift to your new homeowners or create your own class around it. The possibilities are endless once you start getting creative.

Housing Affordability Index

Learn how to discuss the current market opportunities with your clients.

How Much Is Staying in Your Non-Fitting Home Costing You?

When a seller is not wanting to trade in their low-rate mortgage and have instead decided to stay in a home that is no longer fitting their needs, they may need your help to evaluate the true costs involved in staying versus moving.

How to Create a Buyer Package

When I ask Real Estate agents to show me what services they offer for buyers they usually look at me with a blank stare. They then usually say that they don't have a specific written plan or package for buyers. If this is you then you MUST get this CD. Today's buyers want to know what you do that is different from everyone else. You need to know how to showcase your services and how to show on paper exactly what you have to offer. Buyers packages make you look professional and save you time from running around scrambling to gather materials every time you need to send out some information to new buyers.

Interest Rate and Payment Table

We need to help buyers get beyond the thought that interest rates are coming down significantly and residential real estate prices are not expected to decline due to our inventory shortage. It is time to help buyers look into the future. To do that, you need tools to help them decide how to take the next step. Providing an Interest Rate and Payment Table is the first step to help them get there.

Know Your Product (Most Agents Don't!)

I had a meeting last week with David Maider, a broker with Windermere Real Estate. Dave was in my coaching program for brokers last year, and he has always had great ideas and strong opinions about how to succeed in the real estate business. As a result, he’s cultivated a strong and successful group of agents in his office.

Math, Your Secret Weapon

Don't worry, this class is for everyone! Your 8th grade math teacher may not have been right in that you have to use algebra regularly later in life, but in today’s Mastery forum, Shauna will be reviewing four formulas that will help you communicate more-clearly with your clients. She will show you how to break down big, abstract issues and decisions that your clients will be faced with and show you how to clearly articulate the effects of those decisions in their future.

Neighborhood Tours

Today Denise talks about the power of taking your buyers out on a neighborhood tour first, rather than having them look at houses first. Learn why this can save you hours or even weeks finding a buyer's next home.

Overcoming Objections - The Picky Purchaser

In this episode of Overcoming Objections, Denise is meeting with a buyer who just can't seem to find what they are looking for. The buyer actually thinks that it's Denise's fault that they can't find the right home to buy. The question is, how is she going to deal with this? Watch and find out!

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