Buyer Conversion

Are you buyers sitting on the fence rather than engaging with the market? Are you spending too much time touring the wrong properties? Learn how to serve your buyers more effectively. It's not just better for your business, it is better service too!

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21 Ways to Help a Buyer Reach a Decision

On the fence buyers - or ones that are unrealistic - will drain your time and money! Be a strong buyers agent with these 21 suggestions to help buyers get off the fence. This is the outline from our Club Zebra call that took place on February 12th.

Appreciation Worksheet

This is the most accurate way to calculate appreciation in an area but finding individual appreciation rates can be a pain! However, take some of the pain of calculation out of the equation with this worksheet. One thing to note - if you are figuring appreciation over a period of time, try to look at solds that have sold recently to get the most accurate recent number.

Art of the Close

There's no word in real estate that is more misunderstood than the word closing. It conjures up images of a toothy salesman in a checkered sport coat hawking used cars. It reminds us of all of those times we were asked, "So, are you ready to buy today?"

Buyer Financing

The question we're discussing today is, what do you do when your buyers won't get financing? Learn why it's your responsibility and what to do about this.

Buyer Offer Checklist

Create a checklist to guide your buyers through the offer process. Make sure you update with your local MLS forms!

Buyer Presentation Agenda

Let's focus on your first meeting with a buyer and how to set the stage for ongoing success. Meetings are always more successful with an agenda! No matter how well you may already know the buyer, be sure to show up with an agenda for the meeting.

Client Psychology: How to Better Understand Your Home Buyer's Mind

Do you understand the psychology of your clients or is it still all about you? Many agents have a hard time accepting that it's always about the client and that people want what they want. It's important to understand this human nature and to work with it instead of against it. Here's how.

Club Call - April 2019 - Reading Your Potential Real Estate Clients

What do your potential clients need from you? Information? Attention? Rapport? Follow-Up and Consistency? Whether you are at an open house or just got a sign call, how you interact and follow-up is critical.

Club Call - February 2013 - Buyers

If you have buyers waffling on price, if you are playing the role of "home-salesperson" rather than "home consultant," if you are at a loss for how to prepare your buyers to actually take action on the right place, then this is the Club Zebra coaching call for you. Denise shares 21 awesome tips to get your buyers in the right frame of mind, educated, and ready-to-buy!

Club Call - February 2016 - Working With Buyers in a Tight Market

From preparation to crafting an offer, a tight market with low inventory, multiple offers, and rising prices offers a special set of challenges to buyers. The pace is too quick for some and there are many opportunities for buyers to melt down. How as an agent do you handle it all? Join us for a discussion about how to handle conflict and prepare buyers for the current market conditions in their desired area and price point.

Club Call - January 2019 - Working with Buyers Who Won't Commit

Will that buyer get off the fence and buy or not? Strategies for hesitant buyers.

Club Call - May 2017 - Talking to Clients About Inventory Shortages

The inventory challenges that many areas of the country are facing are not going to go away anytime soon, but now is not the time bury your head in the sand! The bottom line is anyone can buy in this market and you have would-be sellers in your database and in your pipeline who aren't making a move due to their perception of what is happening in the market as opposed to what their situation might actually be. Step one is communication and opening the doors to a conversation. What is the right message and how do you overcome their fears and concerns?

Compare & Contrast, A Property Overview for Buyers

This handy tools allows your buyers to easily compare and contrast multiple properties when you are showing. Make it easy for your clients to evaluate homes when showing multiple properties in one session with our "Compare and Contrast" document.

Denise Live! The Visuals You Need When Explaining the Market

Denise reveals the top visuals for explaining the market to your clients and advice for presenting them. Wow your next buyer or listing presentation prospects by how prepared you are with expert market advice.

Denise Live! Virtual Buyer Consultations

It may be a social distancing world, but there will always be buyers who want to buy. This week we continue our Virtual Services series, turning our attention to skills you need to master for converting and closing buyer clients. Follow along with Denise as she discusses how to hold a virtual consultations that give your buyer the information that they need to confidently make an offer in today’s market.

Denise Live! Virtual Home Showings and Neighborhood Tours

What you can do when you are working with buyers and are unable to bring them into a home for a showing. How should you prepare? What’s should be top-of-mind while you are taking them through the home and what should you always include when discussing the neighborhood and surrounding area? Make sure your buyers can confidently make the right decision, even while under pressure in today’s fast moving market.

Future Value Calculator

Get the picture of how your assets will stack up 5, 10, 20, even 30 years from now! With the Future Value Calculator, see how your mortgage balance, assets, (even assets that you are adding to each month) changes over time and how some planning now can result in big payoffs later.

NOTE: This worksheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used to predict future earnings or advise the user that such earnings are imminent. This tool is not meant to replace a financial planner. Mortgage amortization is for estimation purposes only and may not be reflective of user's actual mortgage or payback. The Lones Group is not responsible for decisions or assumptions made based on this document.

Handling Buyer Objections in a Fast Market

Working with buyers in a fast market can be tough for agents to navigate. With the fast pace of the market and the competitive nature of offers, an agent has to be able to work fast and to navigate buyer objections.  Come learn how to dialog with your buyers to get them in tip top buying shape. Learn how to handle even the toughest buyer objections. Presented by Denise Lones, CSP, CMP, MIRM.

Housing Affordability Index

Learn how to discuss the current market opportunities with your clients.

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