Working with Investors

When a client new to property investing comes to you with questions or a seasoned investor has questions for you about buying in your market, we want you to have answers ready to meet their needs.

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1031 Exchange 101

The term 1031 Exchange is a term that many have heard, but few understand. Let your clients know about this opportunity to avoid capital gains.

16 Important Considerations You Must Make When Investing in Real Estate

This article covers 16 points that investors should consider before buying an investment property. Sectioned into the following categories: location, property, financial.

Absentee Owner Investor Tipping Point Letter and content on 1031 Exchanges

Investors may hit their tipping point when they learn how to invest their proceeds tax-free with a 1031 Exchange. This letter outlines information on 1031 Exchanges, but we encourage you to enlist the help of an agent who is familiar with these and has resources if you do not.

Absentee Owner Investor Tipping Point Letter and Information

During tax season, investors may hit their tipping point when they learn a high sale may be imminent. Get them thinking about the possibility of selling and changing their investment strategy. This letter includes customization options as well as a median home price graph.

Absentee Owner The Power of Leverage Letter and Information

During tax season, investors may hit their tipping point when they consider their leverage position. Get them thinking about how they may exchange one property for two or target a new type of investment in a new area.

Buying an Investment Property - How and Why

There are people who like the idea of purchasing a property for investment, but are not sure how to get started. This article will illustrate some of the first steps potential investors need to take before purchasing an investment property by showing that you are well-versed in the ins and outs of real estate investments.

Club Call - Help, My Client Wants to Buy an Investment!

We will cover some investment basics as well as language you can use to get the conversation going as well as some research you should be doing to gain the knowledge you need.

Denise Live! Finding the Market Sweet Spot

Whether you are trying to price a home, develop a solid buyer strategy, or you are looking for lead generation opportunities for yourself, the best tool at your disposal is the MLS. Today we are going to show you six clues to use to find your market sweet spot.

Denise Live! House-Hacking

Buyers today have to get creative in order to cover their housing expenses. Join us for house hacking ideas and get the calculator that will help you talk with your buyers about opportunities to make money with their property.

Denise Live! My Client Wants to Buy an Investment Property

Denise will guide you through initial questions to ask your client to help them narrow down what they are looking for and next steps to take depending on the answers you get.

Denise Live! The Homebuying Readiness Calculator

This tool can help buyers visualize steps they need to take for financial readiness and potential risks of waiting. It can also provides you with the opportunity to reach out on a regular basis and provide client guidance.

Denise Live: Capitalizing on Investment Buyer Opportunities

Denise shows you what you need to learn so you can feel confident before you even talk to your first investment buyer, tools that will wow them, and how to provide rough numbers to make sure a property is in line with their investment goals.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Landlord?

This article to send to your clients outlines the pros and cons of becoming an investor - everything from finding a property to evicting a tenant.

For Investors - Timing is Everything

This article will help you discuss the importance of timing when buying or selling, and will illustrate how supply and demand works in a real estate market.

House Hacking Calculator

As home prices and interest rates rise, homebuyers may need to get creative when it comes to covering their monthly payment. Or perhaps you have a homeowner interested in using their property to raise more capital for another investment.

Whatever the case, House Hacking is a term that you should become familiar with. This calculator will help you run scenarios with your income-savvy homeowners and get them thinking creatively about how they can make their property work for their pocketbook. You can even provide this as a gift to your new homeowners or create your own class around it. The possibilities are endless once you start getting creative.

Pro Forma Template

This Pro Forma template will provide you with the groundwork to do some information-gathering when working with an investor who intends to use the property as a rental. Be sure that all required disclaimers are included for your office, license, and area. You should add and delete pages as appropriate for your project. You don't need to include all pages for each project.

The Holiday Client

The need for people to buy and sell property doesn't stop for the holidays and being the agent willing to do business can be lucrative during what others believe to be a "slow" time of the year. Join Denise for a discussion on who the Holiday Buyer is, what to consider when working with buyers and sellers during the holidays and the information that they need, and how to set your holiday business boundaries.

Understanding the 1031 Exchange

Many people have the idea that 1031 exchanges are complicated; that there are exact, detailed rules that must be met. While the rules are different from what taxpayers are accustomed to seeing in other areas of the law, there really is a simple logic to them.

Your Investment Personality

In this Mastery Forum episode we'll be talking about investment personalities, how to identify your investment persona and how that defines what kinds of investments you will be comfortable with - specifically, different kinds of property investments! We'll be looking at residential rentals, multi-family rentals, vacation rentals, residential renovations and residential flipping.

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